Merge snmp stuff into mirror.git
[dtbartle/mirror.git] / csc-sync-debian
2010-03-08 Michael SpangMerge snmp stuff into mirror.git
2009-10-24 David BartleyAdd -4 (ipv4) flag.
2009-06-18 David BartleyFix stderr bug
2009-05-02 David BartleyNice the rsync processes
2008-12-02 David BartleyMagic
2008-04-24 David BartleyUse shorter options (e.g. -r vs --recursive)
2008-03-01 David BartleyAdd password support
2008-01-26 David BartleyDon't sync master trace file until final rsync
2008-01-21 David BartleyChange logfile to mirror.log
2007-12-16 David BartleyUse /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh
2007-12-10 David BartleyOnly update our trace file after a successful sync
2007-11-12 David BartleyUpdate LOGDIR
2007-11-08 David BartleyInitial checkin