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2010-11-03 Edgar Beringmathsoc cockandball
2010-09-22 Michael Ellisnews about mirror sadness
2010-09-14 Michael Ellisresults
2010-09-13 Michael Ellismissed one
2010-09-13 Michael Ellisclosing f2010 nominations
2010-09-10 Michael EllisElection time decided
2010-09-05 Michael Ellisnominations open for fall
2010-05-14 Edgar Beringelectrons
2010-05-10 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2010-05-10 Edgar Berings10 elections
2010-02-17 Edgar Beringremoving cash prize from the news item about the contest
2010-02-02 Edgar Beringchanging links arround on the contest announcement
2010-02-01 Edgar Beringadding contest
2009-11-14 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-11-04 Edgar Beringupdating contest info
2009-10-02 Edgar Beringmaking contest stay on the news page, and adding UofT...
2009-09-28 Edgar Beringopening the contest
2009-06-18 Michael GregsonFixed formatting error.
2009-06-18 Michael GregsonAdding iThumb project to news.
2009-05-29 Michael SpangUpdate events page: Unix 101 and Code Party
2009-05-29 Michael SpangBoo
2009-05-14 Edgar Beringadding news for video postings
2009-05-12 Kyle SpaansMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-05-12 Kyle Spaanselections results for S09
2009-05-12 Kyle Spaanswrong URL for nominees list
2009-05-12 Kyle Spaansfixed the mistakes that kspaans made, because he's...
2009-05-11 Kyle SpaansMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-05-11 Kyle SpaansSpring 2009 nominees and voting policy
2009-05-04 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-05-04 Kyle SpaansSpring 2008 elections
2009-04-13 Edgar Beringadding a news item for zazzle link, might add a permali...
2009-04-02 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-03-24 Edgar Beringadding contest news item
2009-02-20 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-02-02 Edgar BeringMerging changes to events.xml someone else added the...
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonTrivial modification
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonUpdating for RMS talk changes.
2009-01-06 Brennan TaylorFormatting the file a bit and pushing to fix the failed...
2009-01-06 Brennan TaylorAdding nomination info and election date info
2008-09-16 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2008-09-16 David BartleyAdd new exec
2008-07-28 David BartleyFix links
2008-06-12 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2008-05-16 Brennan TaylorUpdting news for people who care.
2008-05-06 Brennan TaylorFixing Election Information.
2008-05-05 Brennan TaylorFixing it for the LAST TIME!!!
2008-05-05 Brennan TaylorAdding nomination info.
2008-05-05 Brennan TaylorUpdating the news. Adding spring 2008 election info.
2008-01-16 David BartleyMerge branch 'acm'
2008-01-16 David BartleyAdd news about new exec
2008-01-09 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www
2008-01-08 David BartleyAdd mirror.csclub on ResNet news
2007-12-13 David BartleyRemove .html from internal links
2007-09-21 David TentyMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2007-09-19 David BartleyLarge reorganization of the web site
2007-09-18 David BartleyRemove books page and redirected books.html links to...
2007-09-09 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2007-09-09 David BartleyAdded Fall 2007 election news
2007-09-01 David BartleyAdded nominations news.
2007-08-10 David BartleyUpdated cow to return 1 on error (still needs work).
2007-07-21 David BartleyRemoved buttons for RMS since slashdotting is over.
2007-07-14 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2007-07-12 David BartleyAdded flash player thingamabob
2007-07-07 Michael SpangChange spaces in media file paths to dashes.
2007-07-01 Michael SpangFix file permission brain damage.
2007-06-30 Michael SpangUpdated links for /audio to /media/files.
2007-05-11 WebmasterElection news.
2007-01-14 WebmasterUpdated stuff
2006-09-22 William O'ConnorUpdated Fall 2006 exec.
2006-06-04 Holden KarauAdeed BeBox lives again
2006-05-21 Holden Karauoops
2006-05-21 Holden Karauw00t
2006-01-11 Dmitry DenisenkovFixed news announcement
2006-01-11 Dmitry DenisenkovAdded W06 staff
2004-10-23 James PerryProgramming contest stuff
2004-10-06 James PerryFixed bugs in events.xml and news.xml
2004-09-15 Michael BiggsAdded message about Buss' talk mp3. :)
2004-06-01 Michael BiggsUpdated news, with Larry Smith's talk in OGG.
2004-05-31 Zack Nicholsadded link to larry smiths talk mp3
2004-05-21 Michael BiggsRemoved stupid training stuff.
2004-05-21 Michael BiggsFixed broken testing stuff.
2004-05-21 Michael BiggsTraining the new www-dude.
2004-05-19 Michael BiggsUpdated our new sysadmin
2004-05-15 Michael BiggsAdded the Spring 2004 executive.
2004-04-19 Simon LawPeri is back up.
2004-04-16 Simon Lawh2o is back up
2004-04-16 Simon Lawperi is going down for upgrades
2004-04-08 Simon LawCTRL-D, Winter 2004
2004-04-05 Simon Lawsugar has new hardware.
2004-04-01 Simon Lawsugar is going down.
2004-03-20 Simon LawKernighan came and signed our books.
2004-03-16 Simon LawBooks have arrived.
2004-02-06 Simon LawChanged the constitution during a general meeting on...
2004-02-02 Simon LawPeri's disk is failing. Put up a notice.
2004-01-26 Simon LawNew executive for Winter 2004
2003-10-18 Simon LawWe have a new executive. Since last month...
2003-08-12 James MorrisonFix the link to the procedure manual source
2003-08-12 James MorrisonAdd the old procedures manual and start the president...
2003-08-06 James MorrisonDisabled accounts information
2003-07-09 James MorrisonAdd Jim Elliott's slides