2011-08-12 Matthew McPherrinAdd QR code to makefile master origin/HEAD origin/master
2011-08-12 Matthew McPherrinCSC logo in a QR Code
2011-07-29 Jeremy Romanstupid apostrophe
2011-07-29 Jeremy Romanfixed self-closing tags
2011-07-29 Edgar Beringadd ctrl-d so that askhader can get off of work for it
2011-07-23 Jeremy RomanMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2011-07-23 Jeremy Romancsc-industry
2011-07-21 Edgar Beringadding a nastygram regarding spamming members, since...
2011-07-12 Matthew McPherrinSpelling
2011-07-12 Matthew McPherrinMore details for Stego talk
2011-07-12 Matthew McPherrinbroken link
2011-07-12 Matthew McPherrinYomna event, code party.
2011-07-07 Matthew McPherrinSeveral events lacked the manditory <short> tag
2011-07-07 Matthew McPherrinRemove abstracts that duplicate short.
2011-07-07 Matthew McPherrinTime fix
2011-07-06 Matthew McPherrinMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2011-07-06 Matthew McPherrinMore info about campfire
2011-06-28 Kyle SpaansTim Brecht Talk: linux
2011-06-23 Matthew McPherrinCode party postponed to this friday
2011-06-15 Matthew McPherrinCode party postponed due to CS convocation and people...
2011-06-13 Matthew McPherrinAdded paragraphs
2011-06-09 Matthew McPherrinMike Terry Abstract
2011-06-07 Matthew McPherrinAdded yomna's talk on steganography
2011-06-01 Matthew McPherrinWe really should typecheck and refuse pushes when I...
2011-06-01 Matthew McPherrinPlaceholder for upcoming talk
2011-05-31 Matthew McPherrinAdded room for GPGPU talk
2011-05-31 Matthew McPherrinA bit more on the abstract and some <p> formatting
2011-05-31 Matthew McPherrinMore specific location than just TBA.
2011-05-31 Matthew McPherrinAdded more description
2011-05-31 Matthew McPherrinAdded kshyatt's member talk
2011-05-30 Matthew McPherrinAdded initial timing of the CSC picnic and campfire
2011-05-30 Matthew McPherrinAnd add abstracts too
2011-05-30 Matthew McPherrinAdded 2nd and 3rd code parties
2011-05-30 Matthew McPherrinFirst code party
2011-05-30 Matthew McPherrinElection results are not an event. Moving to news
2011-05-10 Kyle Spaanselection results
2011-05-09 Kyle SpaansOops, the events were duplicated
2011-05-09 Kyle Spaansclarify elections nomination list wording
2011-05-09 Kyle Spaansfinal nominees list
2011-05-03 Kyle SpaansI mixed up what an abstract and a short is.
2011-05-03 Kyle SpaansAn abstract would be useful
2011-05-03 Kyle Spaanstrivial permutation of style so that I can try pushing...
2011-05-03 Kyle SpaansSpring 2011 elections notice
2011-04-13 Brennan TaylorFixing merge conflict text in xml file.
2011-04-13 Brennan TaylorFixing aspect ratio.
2011-03-16 Jennifer Yeelam... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2011-03-16 Marc BurnsAdded event for software patents talk.
2011-03-16 Jennifer Yeelam... added Stanley Khaing's Software Patents talk W2011
2011-02-14 Marc BurnsAdded event for KW Perl Mongers talk, W2011
2011-02-04 Marc BurnsAdded event for UNIX 103.
2011-02-03 Marc BurnsAdded event for Code Party this Friday.
2011-01-28 Matthew McPherrinMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2011-01-28 Matthew McPherrinAdded missing spaces/period
2011-01-28 Marc BurnsFixed translation of event URLs to strip single quote...
2011-01-28 Elana HashmanFixed date for Unix 102 event
2011-01-27 Marc BurnsAdded event entry for Unix 102 W2011.
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsReverted all changes regarding eduroam/. Sorry!
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsAdded subdirectory eduroam/ to root Makefile. Work...
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsAdded Makefile for eduroam/
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsAdded eduroam fix files under /eduroam.
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsRemoved redundant news item introduced last commit.
2011-01-24 Marc BurnsAdded event 'Unix 101' for Winter 2011.
2011-01-15 Peter BarfussReconfigured webcam url for bit-shifter to denote softw...
2011-01-12 Sean Huntelections are ended
2011-01-12 Sean Huntfuckup
2011-01-12 Sean HuntNomination results!
2011-01-06 Sean HuntRevert "Revert "I did not get the time wrong" (not...
2011-01-06 Sean HuntRevert "I did not get the time wrong" (not run on caffeine)
2011-01-06 Sean HuntI did not get the time wrong
2011-01-04 Sean HuntAdded W11 election announcement
2010-12-13 Matthew McPherrinUse protocol relative link to wiki (so we don't change...
2010-12-06 Jeremy RomanCSS does not support C++-style // comments. See w3...
2010-12-05 Michael Ellismagik off
2010-11-16 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-11-16 Edgar Beringcraig kaplan talk
2010-11-11 Michael EllisCorrected time (according to email). Ammended description
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringmathsoc cockandball
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringhow do I XML
2010-11-03 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringtoronto and hackathon
2010-11-01 Michael EllisFlip the angry bit.
2010-10-25 Edgar Beringelyot talk
2010-10-14 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-10-14 Edgar Beringshai talk
2010-10-07 Matthew McPherrinAddress and phone on office page
2010-10-06 Edgar Beringunix 102
2010-10-06 Edgar Beringevent unix103
2010-09-29 Edgar Beringspeaker names
2010-09-29 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-09-29 Edgar Beringnext 2 weeks events
2010-09-28 Jeremy Romanspelling
2010-09-27 Edgar Beringpbarfuss talk
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinnote about syscom
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinOverzealous deletion
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinStupid word
2010-09-22 Michael Ellisnew certificate from GlobalSign
2010-09-22 Michael Ellisnews about mirror sadness
2010-09-22 Edgar Beringfrosh welcome
2010-09-22 Edgar Beringf10 unix101
2010-09-18 Edgar Beringfix typos/cooking for geeks