Chracter map for CP1258.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / localedata / charmaps / CP1258
1 <code_set_name> CP1258
2 <comment_char> %
3 <escape_char> /
4 % automatically generated from the charDB
7 <NU>                   /x00     <U0000> NULL
8 <NUL>                  /x00     <U0000> NULL
9 <SH>                   /x01     <U0001> START OF HEADING
10 <SOH>                  /x01     <U0001> START OF HEADING
11 <STX>                  /x02     <U0002> START OF TEXT
12 <SX>                   /x02     <U0002> START OF TEXT
13 <ETX>                  /x03     <U0003> END OF TEXT
14 <EX>                   /x03     <U0003> END OF TEXT
15 <EOT>                  /x04     <U0004> END OF TRANSMISSION
16 <ET>                   /x04     <U0004> END OF TRANSMISSION
17 <ENQ>                  /x05     <U0005> ENQUIRY
18 <EQ>                   /x05     <U0005> ENQUIRY
19 <ACK>                  /x06     <U0006> ACKNOWLEDGE
20 <AK>                   /x06     <U0006> ACKNOWLEDGE
21 <BEL>                  /x07     <U0007> BELL
22 <BL>                   /x07     <U0007> BELL
23 <alert>                /x07     <U0007> BELL
24 <BS>                   /x08     <U0008> BACKSPACE
25 <backspace>            /x08     <U0008> BACKSPACE
26 <HT>                   /x09     <U0009> HORIZONTAL TABULATION
27 <tab>                  /x09     <U0009> HORIZONTAL TABULATION
28 <LF>                   /x0A     <U000A> LINE FEED
29 <newline>              /x0A     <U000A> LINE FEED
30 <VT>                   /x0B     <U000B> VERTICAL TABULATION
31 <vertical-tab>         /x0B     <U000B> VERTICAL TABULATION
32 <FF>                   /x0C     <U000C> FORM FEED
33 <form-feed>            /x0C     <U000C> FORM FEED
34 <CR>                   /x0D     <U000D> CARRIAGE RETURN
35 <carriage-return>      /x0D     <U000D> CARRIAGE RETURN
36 <SO>                   /x0E     <U000E> SHIFT OUT
37 <SI>                   /x0F     <U000F> SHIFT IN
38 <DL>                   /x10     <U0010> DATA LINK ESCAPE
39 <DLE>                  /x10     <U0010> DATA LINK ESCAPE
40 <D1>                   /x11     <U0011> DEVICE CONTROL ONE
41 <DC1>                  /x11     <U0011> DEVICE CONTROL ONE
42 <D2>                   /x12     <U0012> DEVICE CONTROL TWO
43 <DC2>                  /x12     <U0012> DEVICE CONTROL TWO
44 <D3>                   /x13     <U0013> DEVICE CONTROL THREE
45 <DC3>                  /x13     <U0013> DEVICE CONTROL THREE
46 <D4>                   /x14     <U0014> DEVICE CONTROL FOUR
47 <DC4>                  /x14     <U0014> DEVICE CONTROL FOUR
48 <NAK>                  /x15     <U0015> NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGE
49 <NK>                   /x15     <U0015> NEGATIVE ACKNOWLEDGE
50 <SY>                   /x16     <U0016> SYNCHRONOUS IDLE
51 <SYN>                  /x16     <U0016> SYNCHRONOUS IDLE
52 <EB>                   /x17     <U0017> END OF TRANSMISSION BLOCK
53 <ETB>                  /x17     <U0017> END OF TRANSMISSION BLOCK
54 <CAN>                  /x18     <U0018> CANCEL
55 <CN>                   /x18     <U0018> CANCEL
56 <EM>                   /x19     <U0019> END OF MEDIUM
57 <SB>                   /x1A     <U001A> SUBSTITUTE
58 <SUB>                  /x1A     <U001A> SUBSTITUTE
59 <EC>                   /x1B     <U001B> ESCAPE
60 <ESC>                  /x1B     <U001B> ESCAPE
61 <FS>                   /x1C     <U001C> FILE SEPARATOR
62 <IS4>                  /x1C     <U001C> FILE SEPARATOR
63 <GS>                   /x1D     <U001D> GROUP SEPARATOR
64 <IS3>                  /x1D     <U001D> GROUP SEPARATOR
65 <intro>                /x1D     <U001D> GROUP SEPARATOR
66 <IS2>                  /x1E     <U001E> RECORD SEPARATOR
67 <RS>                   /x1E     <U001E> RECORD SEPARATOR
68 <IS1>                  /x1F     <U001F> UNIT SEPARATOR
69 <US>                   /x1F     <U001F> UNIT SEPARATOR
70 <space>                /x20     <U0020> SPACE
71 <SP>                   /x20     <U0020> SPACE
72 <!>                    /x21     <U0021> EXCLAMATION MARK
73 <exclamation-mark>     /x21     <U0021> EXCLAMATION MARK
74 <">                    /x22     <U0022> QUOTATION MARK
75 <quotation-mark>       /x22     <U0022> QUOTATION MARK
76 <Nb>                   /x23     <U0023> NUMBER SIGN
77 <number-sign>          /x23     <U0023> NUMBER SIGN
78 <H->                   /x23     <U0023> NUMBER SIGN
79 <!S>                   /x24     <U0024> DOLLAR SIGN
80 <DO>                   /x24     <U0024> DOLLAR SIGN
81 <dollar-sign>          /x24     <U0024> DOLLAR SIGN
82 <%>                    /x25     <U0025> PERCENT SIGN
83 <percent-sign>         /x25     <U0025> PERCENT SIGN
84 <percent-sign/>>       /x25     <U0025> PERCENT SIGN
85 <&>                    /x26     <U0026> AMPERSAND
86 <ampersand>            /x26     <U0026> AMPERSAND
87 <'>                    /x27     <U0027> APOSTROPHE
88 <apostrophe>           /x27     <U0027> APOSTROPHE
89 <(>                    /x28     <U0028> LEFT PARENTHESIS
90 <left-parenthesis>     /x28     <U0028> LEFT PARENTHESIS
91 <)>                    /x29     <U0029> RIGHT PARENTHESIS
92 <right-parenthesis>    /x29     <U0029> RIGHT PARENTHESIS
93 <*>                    /x2A     <U002A> ASTERISK
94 <asterisk>             /x2A     <U002A> ASTERISK
95 <+>                    /x2B     <U002B> PLUS SIGN
96 <plus-sign>            /x2B     <U002B> PLUS SIGN
97 <,>                    /x2C     <U002C> COMMA
98 <comma>                /x2C     <U002C> COMMA
99 <->                    /x2D     <U002D> HYPHEN-MINUS
100 <hyphen>               /x2D     <U002D> HYPHEN-MINUS
101 <hyphen-minus>         /x2D     <U002D> HYPHEN-MINUS
102 <.>                    /x2E     <U002E> FULL STOP
103 <full-stop>            /x2E     <U002E> FULL STOP
104 <period>               /x2E     <U002E> FULL STOP
105 <//>                   /x2F     <U002F> SOLIDUS
106 <slash>                /x2F     <U002F> SOLIDUS
107 <solidus>              /x2F     <U002F> SOLIDUS
108 <0>                    /x30     <U0030> DIGIT ZERO
109 <zero>                 /x30     <U0030> DIGIT ZERO
110 <1>                    /x31     <U0031> DIGIT ONE
111 <one>                  /x31     <U0031> DIGIT ONE
112 <2>                    /x32     <U0032> DIGIT TWO
113 <two>                  /x32     <U0032> DIGIT TWO
114 <3>                    /x33     <U0033> DIGIT THREE
115 <three>                /x33     <U0033> DIGIT THREE
116 <4>                    /x34     <U0034> DIGIT FOUR
117 <four>                 /x34     <U0034> DIGIT FOUR
118 <5>                    /x35     <U0035> DIGIT FIVE
119 <five>                 /x35     <U0035> DIGIT FIVE
120 <6>                    /x36     <U0036> DIGIT SIX
121 <six>                  /x36     <U0036> DIGIT SIX
122 <7>                    /x37     <U0037> DIGIT SEVEN
123 <seven>                /x37     <U0037> DIGIT SEVEN
124 <8>                    /x38     <U0038> DIGIT EIGHT
125 <eight>                /x38     <U0038> DIGIT EIGHT
126 <9>                    /x39     <U0039> DIGIT NINE
127 <nine>                 /x39     <U0039> DIGIT NINE
128 <:>                    /x3A     <U003A> COLON
129 <colon>                /x3A     <U003A> COLON
130 <;>                    /x3B     <U003B> SEMICOLON
131 <semicolon>            /x3B     <U003B> SEMICOLON
132 <<>                    /x3C     <U003C> LESS-THAN SIGN
133 <less-than-sign>       /x3C     <U003C> LESS-THAN SIGN
134 <=>                    /x3D     <U003D> EQUALS SIGN
135 <equals-sign>          /x3D     <U003D> EQUALS SIGN
136 </>>                   /x3E     <U003E> GREATER-THAN SIGN
137 <greater-than-sign>    /x3E     <U003E> GREATER-THAN SIGN
138 <?>                    /x3F     <U003F> QUESTION MARK
139 <question-mark>        /x3F     <U003F> QUESTION MARK
140 <At>                   /x40     <U0040> COMMERCIAL AT
141 <commercial-at>        /x40     <U0040> COMMERCIAL AT
142 <@>                    /x40     <U0040> COMMERCIAL AT
143 <Oa>                   /x40     <U0040> COMMERCIAL AT
144 <A>                    /x41     <U0041> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
145 <B>                    /x42     <U0042> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B
146 <C>                    /x43     <U0043> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C
147 <D>                    /x44     <U0044> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D
148 <E>                    /x45     <U0045> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E
149 <F>                    /x46     <U0046> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F
150 <G>                    /x47     <U0047> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER G
151 <H>                    /x48     <U0048> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER H
152 <I>                    /x49     <U0049> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I
153 <J>                    /x4A     <U004A> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER J
154 <K>                    /x4B     <U004B> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER K
155 <L>                    /x4C     <U004C> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L
156 <M>                    /x4D     <U004D> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M
157 <N>                    /x4E     <U004E> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N
158 <O>                    /x4F     <U004F> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O
159 <P>                    /x50     <U0050> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER P
160 <Q>                    /x51     <U0051> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Q
161 <R>                    /x52     <U0052> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R
162 <S>                    /x53     <U0053> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER S
163 <T>                    /x54     <U0054> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T
164 <U>                    /x55     <U0055> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U
165 <V>                    /x56     <U0056> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER V
166 <W>                    /x57     <U0057> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER W
167 <X>                    /x58     <U0058> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X
168 <Y>                    /x59     <U0059> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y
169 <Z>                    /x5A     <U005A> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z
170 <<(>                   /x5B     <U005B> LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
171 <left-square-bracket>  /x5B     <U005B> LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
172 <////>                 /x5C     <U005C> REVERSE SOLIDUS
173 <backslash>            /x5C     <U005C> REVERSE SOLIDUS
174 <reverse-solidus>      /x5C     <U005C> REVERSE SOLIDUS
175 <)/>>                  /x5D     <U005D> RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
176 <right-square-bracket> /x5D     <U005D> RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
177 <'/>>                  /x5E     <U005E> CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
178 <circumflex>           /x5E     <U005E> CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
179 <circumflex-accent>    /x5E     <U005E> CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
180 <_>                    /x5F     <U005F> LOW LINE
181 <low-line>             /x5F     <U005F> LOW LINE
182 <underscore>           /x5F     <U005F> LOW LINE
183 <'!>                   /x60     <U0060> GRAVE ACCENT
184 <grave-accent>         /x60     <U0060> GRAVE ACCENT
185 <a>                    /x61     <U0061> LATIN SMALL LETTER A
186 <b>                    /x62     <U0062> LATIN SMALL LETTER B
187 <c>                    /x63     <U0063> LATIN SMALL LETTER C
188 <d>                    /x64     <U0064> LATIN SMALL LETTER D
189 <e>                    /x65     <U0065> LATIN SMALL LETTER E
190 <f>                    /x66     <U0066> LATIN SMALL LETTER F
191 <g>                    /x67     <U0067> LATIN SMALL LETTER G
192 <h>                    /x68     <U0068> LATIN SMALL LETTER H
193 <i>                    /x69     <U0069> LATIN SMALL LETTER I
194 <j>                    /x6A     <U006A> LATIN SMALL LETTER J
195 <k>                    /x6B     <U006B> LATIN SMALL LETTER K
196 <l>                    /x6C     <U006C> LATIN SMALL LETTER L
197 <m>                    /x6D     <U006D> LATIN SMALL LETTER M
198 <n>                    /x6E     <U006E> LATIN SMALL LETTER N
199 <o>                    /x6F     <U006F> LATIN SMALL LETTER O
200 <p>                    /x70     <U0070> LATIN SMALL LETTER P
201 <q>                    /x71     <U0071> LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
202 <r>                    /x72     <U0072> LATIN SMALL LETTER R
203 <s>                    /x73     <U0073> LATIN SMALL LETTER S
204 <t>                    /x74     <U0074> LATIN SMALL LETTER T
205 <u>                    /x75     <U0075> LATIN SMALL LETTER U
206 <v>                    /x76     <U0076> LATIN SMALL LETTER V
207 <w>                    /x77     <U0077> LATIN SMALL LETTER W
208 <x>                    /x78     <U0078> LATIN SMALL LETTER X
209 <y>                    /x79     <U0079> LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
210 <z>                    /x7A     <U007A> LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
211 <(!>                   /x7B     <U007B> LEFT CURLY BRACKET
212 <left-brace>           /x7B     <U007B> LEFT CURLY BRACKET
213 <left-curly-bracket>   /x7B     <U007B> LEFT CURLY BRACKET
214 <!!>                   /x7C     <U007C> VERTICAL LINE
215 <vertical-line>        /x7C     <U007C> VERTICAL LINE
216 <!)>                   /x7D     <U007D> RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
217 <right-brace>          /x7D     <U007D> RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
218 <right-curly-bracket>  /x7D     <U007D> RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
219 <'?>                   /x7E     <U007E> TILDE
220 <tilde>                /x7E     <U007E> TILDE
221 <DEL>                  /x7F     <U007F> DELETE
222 <DT>                   /x7F     <U007F> DELETE
223 <Eu>                   /x80     <U20AC> EURO SIGN
224 <.9>                   /x82     <U201A> SINGLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK
225 <f2>                   /x83     <U0192> LATIN SMALL LETTER F WITH HOOK
226 <:9>                   /x84     <U201E> DOUBLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK
227 <.3>                   /x85     <U2026> HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS
228 <//->                  /x86     <U2020> DAGGER
229 <//=>                  /x87     <U2021> DOUBLE DAGGER
230 <1/>>                  /x88     <U02C6> MODIFIER LETTER CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
231 <%0>                   /x89     <U2030> PER MILLE SIGN
232 <<1>                   /x8B     <U2039> SINGLE LEFT-POINTING ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
233 <OE>                   /x8C     <U0152> LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE OE
234 <'6>                   /x91     <U2018> LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
235 <'9>                   /x92     <U2019> RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
236 <"6>                   /x93     <U201C> LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK
237 <"9>                   /x94     <U201D> RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK
238 <sb>                   /x95     <U2022> BULLET
239 <-N>                   /x96     <U2013> EN DASH
240 <-M>                   /x97     <U2014> EM DASH
241 <1?>                   /x98     <U02DC> SMALL TILDE
242 <TM>                   /x99     <U2122> TRADE MARK SIGN
243 </>1>                  /x9B     <U203A> SINGLE RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
244 <oe>                   /x9C     <U0153> LATIN SMALL LIGATURE OE
245 <Y:>                   /x9F     <U0178> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS
246 <NS>                   /xA0     <U00A0> NO-BREAK SPACE
247 <!I>                   /xA1     <U00A1> INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARK
248 <Ct>                   /xA2     <U00A2> CENT SIGN
249 <!C>                   /xA2     <U00A2> CENT SIGN
250 <L->                   /xA3     <U00A3> POUND SIGN
251 <Pd>                   /xA3     <U00A3> POUND SIGN
252 <Cu>                   /xA4     <U00A4> CURRENCY SIGN
253 <Xo>                   /xA4     <U00A4> CURRENCY SIGN
254 <Y->                   /xA5     <U00A5> YEN SIGN
255 <Ye>                   /xA5     <U00A5> YEN SIGN
256 <BB>                   /xA6     <U00A6> BROKEN BAR
257 <!B>                   /xA6     <U00A6> BROKEN BAR
258 <SE>                   /xA7     <U00A7> SECTION SIGN
259 <':>                   /xA8     <U00A8> DIAERESIS
260 <Co>                   /xA9     <U00A9> COPYRIGHT SIGN
261 <-a>                   /xAA     <U00AA> FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR
262 <<<>                   /xAB     <U00AB> LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
263 <NO>                   /xAC     <U00AC> NOT SIGN
264 <7!>                   /xAC     <U00AC> NOT SIGN
265 <-->                   /xAD     <U00AD> SOFT HYPHEN
266 <Rg>                   /xAE     <U00AE> REGISTERED SIGN
267 <'m>                   /xAF     <U00AF> MACRON
268 <DG>                   /xB0     <U00B0> DEGREE SIGN
269 <+->                   /xB1     <U00B1> PLUS-MINUS SIGN
270 <2S>                   /xB2     <U00B2> SUPERSCRIPT TWO
271 <3S>                   /xB3     <U00B3> SUPERSCRIPT THREE
272 <''>                   /xB4     <U00B4> ACUTE ACCENT
273 <My>                   /xB5     <U00B5> MICRO SIGN
274 <PI>                   /xB6     <U00B6> PILCROW SIGN
275 <9I>                   /xB6     <U00B6> PILCROW SIGN
276 <.M>                   /xB7     <U00B7> MIDDLE DOT
277 <',>                   /xB8     <U00B8> CEDILLA
278 <1S>                   /xB9     <U00B9> SUPERSCRIPT ONE
279 <-o>                   /xBA     <U00BA> MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR
280 </>/>>                 /xBB     <U00BB> RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE ANGLE QUOTATION MARK
281 <14>                   /xBC     <U00BC> VULGAR FRACTION ONE QUARTER
282 <12>                   /xBD     <U00BD> VULGAR FRACTION ONE HALF
283 <34>                   /xBE     <U00BE> VULGAR FRACTION THREE QUARTERS
284 <?I>                   /xBF     <U00BF> INVERTED QUESTION MARK
285 <A!>                   /xC0     <U00C0> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
286 <A'>                   /xC1     <U00C1> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
287 <A/>>                  /xC2     <U00C2> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
288 <A(>                   /xC3     <U0102> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH BREVE
289 <A:>                   /xC4     <U00C4> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
290 <AA>                   /xC5     <U00C5> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
291 <AE>                   /xC6     <U00C6> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE
292 <C,>                   /xC7     <U00C7> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
293 <E!>                   /xC8     <U00C8> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
294 <E'>                   /xC9     <U00C9> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
295 <E/>>                  /xCA     <U00CA> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX
296 <E:>                   /xCB     <U00CB> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS
297 <'C!>                  /xCC     <U0300> COMBINING GRAVE ACCENT
298 <I'>                   /xCD     <U00CD> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
299 <I/>>                  /xCE     <U00CE> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEX
300 <I:>                   /xCF     <U00CF> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DIAERESIS
301 <D//>                  /xD0     <U0110> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER D WITH STROKE
302 <N?>                   /xD1     <U00D1> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N WITH TILDE
303 <'C2>                  /xD2     <U0309> COMBINING HOOK ABOVE
304 <O'>                   /xD3     <U00D3> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
305 <O/>>                  /xD4     <U00D4> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
306 <O9>                   /xD5     <U01A0> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH HORN
307 <O:>                   /xD6     <U00D6> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
308 <*X>                   /xD7     <U00D7> MULTIPLICATION SIGN
309 <O//>                  /xD8     <U00D8> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O WITH STROKE
310 <U!>                   /xD9     <U00D9> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
311 <U'>                   /xDA     <U00DA> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
312 <U/>>                  /xDB     <U00DB> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEX
313 <U:>                   /xDC     <U00DC> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
314 <U9>                   /xDD     <U01AF> LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH HORN
315 <-C?>                  /xDE     <U0303> COMBINING TILDE
316 <ss>                   /xDF     <U00DF> LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S
317 <a!>                   /xE0     <U00E0> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVE
318 <a'>                   /xE1     <U00E1> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE
319 <a/>>                  /xE2     <U00E2> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH CIRCUMFLEX
320 <a(>                   /xE3     <U0103> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH BREVE
321 <a:>                   /xE4     <U00E4> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
322 <aa>                   /xE5     <U00E5> LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE
323 <ae>                   /xE6     <U00E6> LATIN SMALL LETTER AE
324 <c,>                   /xE7     <U00E7> LATIN SMALL LETTER C WITH CEDILLA
325 <e!>                   /xE8     <U00E8> LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH GRAVE
326 <e'>                   /xE9     <U00E9> LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
327 <e/>>                  /xEA     <U00EA> LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH CIRCUMFLEX
328 <e:>                   /xEB     <U00EB> LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DIAERESIS
329 <i'>                   /xED     <U00ED> LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH ACUTE
330 <i/>>                  /xEE     <U00EE> LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH CIRCUMFLEX
331 <i:>                   /xEF     <U00EF> LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH DIAERESIS
332 <d//>                  /xF0     <U0111> LATIN SMALL LETTER D WITH STROKE
333 <n?>                   /xF1     <U00F1> LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH TILDE
334 <-C.>                  /xF2     <U0323> COMBINING DOT BELOW
335 <o'>                   /xF3     <U00F3> LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH ACUTE
336 <o/>>                  /xF4     <U00F4> LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH CIRCUMFLEX
337 <o9>                   /xF5     <U01A1> LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH HORN
338 <o:>                   /xF6     <U00F6> LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
339 <-:>                   /xF7     <U00F7> DIVISION SIGN
340 <o//>                  /xF8     <U00F8> LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE
341 <u!>                   /xF9     <U00F9> LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH GRAVE
342 <u'>                   /xFA     <U00FA> LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH ACUTE
343 <u/>>                  /xFB     <U00FB> LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH CIRCUMFLEX
344 <u:>                   /xFC     <U00FC> LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
345 <u9>                   /xFD     <U01B0> LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH HORN
346 <DNG>                  /xFE     <U20AB> DONG SIGN
347 <y:>                   /xFF     <U00FF> LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS