[$(elf)=yes] (ar-symtab-name): Define to empty.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / Makerules
1996-02-13 roland[$(elf)=yes] (ar-symtab-name): Define to empty.
1996-02-13 rolandRewrote rules to update libc archives of all flavors.
1996-02-13 rolandSat Feb 10 11:35:16 1996 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan...
1996-01-29 rolandThu Jan 25 21:10:39 1996 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan...
1996-01-24 rolandUse -include for generated makefiles.
1996-01-18 roland(COMPILE.s): New variable.
1996-01-18 roland(COMPILE.s): New variable.
1996-01-18 roland(COMPILE.S): New variable.
1995-12-16 rolandUse $(do-install-so) for installing shared objects.
1995-12-05 roland[libc.so-version] (libc.so$(libc.so-version)): Make...
1995-11-10 roland(installed-libcs): Filter out %_pic.a.
1995-11-08 roland(install): Install libc.so in $(slibdir).
1995-10-31 roland(lib-noranlib): Don't depend on $(install-lib).
1995-10-30 roland(sysd-rules): Write a defn for sysd-rules-done.
1995-10-17 roland(install-lib): Filter out %_pic.a; install only the...
1995-10-16 rolandInclude $(+depfiles) directly instead of generating...
1995-10-11 roland(build-shlib): Pass -rpath and -rpath-link options.
1995-09-21 roland(build-shlib): Use $(@F:lib%.so=%) in place of $(notdir...
1995-09-21 roland(build-shlib): Use $(@F:lib%=%) in place of $(notdir...
1995-09-21 roland(build-shlib): New canned sequence, broken out of lib...
1995-09-21 roland(install-lib-nosubdir): Make this, rather than install...
1995-07-26 roland($(installed-libcs)): Depend on `lib' (only).
1995-07-06 roland(stamp$o-$(subdir) rule): Remove the timestamp file...
1995-06-20 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Pass -soname switch giving the...
1995-06-12 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Moved this rule to after install...
1995-06-08 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Pass $(LDFLAGS.so).
1995-06-08 roland(install-lib.so): Don't include libc.so.
1995-05-19 rolandFix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absen...
1995-05-19 roland(LDFLAGS-c.so): Add -nostartfiles.
1995-05-10 roland(install-lib.so): Add %.so for each %_pic.a.
1995-05-09 roland[$(sysd-Makefile-sysdirs) != $(sysdirs)] (sysd-Makefile...
1995-05-01 roland(LDFLAGS-c.so): Add -Wl, prefixes missing from last...
1995-05-01 roland(LDFLAGS-c.so): Add -interp and -e switches to make...
1995-04-27 roland(dist): Filter out *.[cSs] from $(distribute) in deps.
1995-04-21 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Pass $(LDFLAGS-$(notdir $*)...
1995-04-14 roland[! subdir] (O%-lib): Don't prepend ../.
1995-04-10 roland(+depfiles): Translate %.so to %.o in $(extra-objs).
1995-04-02 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Remove dir name from $*.
1995-04-01 roland(lib%.so: lib%_pic.a): Pass -L options for subdir and...
1995-03-27 roland($(installed-libcs) rule): Fix typos.
1995-03-21 roland(lib): Depend on lib-noranlib.
1995-03-17 roland(o-iterator): New variable.
1995-03-14 roland(object-suffixes, libtypes): Move all these variables...
1995-03-13 roland(build-extra-lib): New canned sequence.
1995-03-13 rolandSupport building several flavors of objects and libraries.
1995-02-18 roland($(gpl2lgpl)): Do cvs commit if there is a CVS directory.
1995-02-17 roland(rule to install lib%.a from $(install-lib)): Fix patsu...
1995-02-13 roland(install-lib-non.a): Don't include $(non-lib.a).
1995-02-11 roland(install-lib.a): Don't filter out $(non-lib.a).
1995-02-07 roland(objects, objs): Depend on $(extra-objs) too.
1995-01-26 roland(compile.[Sc]): Match gcc in $(CC) better.
1994-11-15 roland(stub-$(subdir)): Add missing / in last change.
1994-11-15 roland(stub-$(subdir)): Save absolute name of $(..)sysdeps...
1994-11-03 roland(common-mostlyclean): Remove $(tests:=.out) too.
1994-11-03 roland(compile.S): Add -DASSEMBLER.
1994-10-28 roland(stubs): cd into $(objdir) and use local file names...
1994-10-23 roland(sources): Fix typo in last change.
1994-10-21 roland(sources): Filter out $(elided-routines).
1994-09-13 roland(libc-name): New variable.
1994-09-06 roland(TAGS): Depend on distinfo, not distfile.
1994-09-05 roland(distinfo-vars): Double $s in final emitted sources...
1994-09-02 roland(distinfo-vars): Fix cmd to echo `sources' defn.
1994-08-16 rolandReplace uses of HOST_CC with BUILD_CC and native-CFLAGS...
1994-08-16 roland(distinfo-vars): Remove $@.new first thing.
1994-08-07 roland(install-bin-nosubdir): Use $(install-bin) instead...
1994-07-28 rolandReplace all uses of `.dep' suffix with `.d' suffix.
1994-07-16 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-07 rolandFormerly Makerules.~130~
1994-06-07 rolandFormerly Makerules.~129~
1994-05-11 rolandFormerly Makerules.~128~
1994-05-04 rolandFormerly Makerules.~127~
1994-05-02 rolandFormerly Makerules.~126~
1994-04-29 rolandFormerly Makerules.~125~
1994-04-27 rolandFormerly Makerules.~124~
1994-04-05 rolandFormerly Makerules.~123~
1994-03-23 rolandFormerly Makerules.~122~
1994-03-22 rolandFormerly Makerules.~121~
1994-03-09 rolandFormerly Makerules.~120~
1994-03-04 rolandFormerly Makerules.~119~
1994-02-24 rolandFormerly Makerules.~118~
1994-02-17 rolandFormerly Makerules.~117~
1994-02-15 rolandFormerly Makerules.~116~
1994-02-09 rolandFormerly Makerules.~115~
1994-02-07 rolandFormerly Makerules.~114~
1994-02-07 rolandFormerly Makerules.~113~
1994-02-05 rolandFormerly Makerules.~112~
1994-01-27 rolandFormerly Makerules.~111~
1994-01-19 rolandFormerly Makerules.~110~
1994-01-18 rolandFormerly Makerules.~109~
1994-01-12 rolandFormerly Makerules.~108~
1994-01-08 rolandFormerly Makerules.~107~
1994-01-06 rolandFormerly Makerules.~106~
1993-12-23 rolandFormerly Makerules.~105~
1993-12-02 rolandFormerly Makerules.~104~
1993-12-01 rolandFormerly Makerules.~103~
1993-12-01 mibFormerly Makerules.~102~
1993-11-10 rolandFormerly Makerules.~101~
1993-10-27 rolandFormerly Makerules.~100~
1993-10-26 rolandFormerly Makerules.~99~
1993-10-21 rolandFormerly Makerules.~98~