Math value definitions for SH.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / bits / socket.h
2000-04-02 drepperUse __socklen_t to define socklen_t. Allow definition...
2000-01-24 drepper(__ss_aligntype, struct sockaddr_storage): Make these...
1999-05-11 drepper(struct sockaddr_storage): New structure; storage...
1998-04-24 drepperAdd #define for enum values.
1998-04-20 drepperProtect against multiple inclusion.
1998-04-07 drepperAllow inclusion from
1997-11-26 drepperIssue error message if the header is used directly.
1997-08-04 drepperDefine socklen_t.
1997-06-21 drepperGeneric header with system dependent info.