[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / config.guess
1996-11-20 djmcleanups
1996-11-14 bothnerBunch of updates. See ChangeLog. libc-961114
1996-11-12 djmcosmetic tweaks
1996-11-12 djmmore bug fixes
1996-11-08 djmpatches from bug-gnu-utils to support more architectures libc-961109
1996-09-13 rmsUse pc instead of unknown, for pc clone systems.
1996-07-16 kwzhFix previous change. Use sed's y command instead. release-0-1
1996-07-16 kwzhUse portable tr syntax.
1996-07-15 law * config.guess (HP 9000/811): Recognize this...
1996-07-14 tegeGeneralize C90 alternative to all x90 machines.
1996-06-28 kenner(mips:*:*:UMIPS): Fix typo in last change.
1996-06-20 meissnerAdd support for PowerPC Linux
1996-06-08 bothner* config.guess (i?86-ncr-sysv*): Emit minor release... libc-960608
1996-06-05 bothner* config.guess: Combine mips-mips-riscos cases, and...
1996-06-03 kwzh(*:Linux:*:*): Add guess for sparc-unknown-linux.
1996-05-24 roland(AViiON:dgux:*:*): Fix typo in recognizing mc88110. libc-960525
1996-04-13 bothner* config.guess: Combine two OSF1 rules. libc-960415
1996-04-08 meissnerAdd Solaris on PowerPC support
1996-03-15 ianRecognize mips-*-sysv* libc-960316
1996-02-12 bothner* config.guess (UNAME_VERSION): Recognize X4.x as an...
1996-02-12 bothner* config.guess: Support m68k-cbm-sysv4.
1996-01-31 ianRecognize A/UX
1995-12-16 coxs(AViiON): Add ix86-dg-dgux libc-951216
1995-12-12 bothner(powerpc-harris-powerunix): Add guess for port to new...
1995-12-04 law * config.guess: Recognize HP model 816 machines...
1995-11-30 bothner* config.guess: Recognize Pentium under SCO. libc-951201
1995-10-16 law * config.guess: Recognize HP model 819 machines...
1995-08-15 bothnerChanges for Linux and LynxOS.
1995-06-28 kenner(AIX4): More robust release numbering discovery.
1995-06-22 kenner(i386-sequent-ptx): Properly get version number.
1995-06-22 kenner(mips:*:4*:UMIPS): New case.
1995-05-28 kenner(21064:Windows_NT:50:3): New case.
1995-05-15 bothner* config.guess: Recognize Cray90 (from Pete TerMaat).
1995-05-12 bothnerRecognize PCs running Solaris2. Also, some cleaning...
1995-05-05 kennerAdd more NetBSD cases: atrai, sun3*, and mac68k.
1995-04-27 meissnerSupport for pre-BFD versions of Linux ld.
1995-04-27 kenner(i[34]86:*:3.2:*) test for /usr/options/ before...
1995-04-26 meissnerSupport Linux elf and a.out systems; Add parisc support
1995-04-26 kenner(CRAY*Y-MP:*:*:*): New entry.
1995-02-23 kennerRecognize NetBSD/Amiga as m68k-cbm-netbsd.
1995-02-08 djmadd a space in #! for 4.2bsd dynix etc.
1995-02-04 wilson(IRIX): Sed - to _.
1995-01-24 kwzh(i[34]86:*:3.2:*): Test for ISC before SCO; newer ISC...
1995-01-04 bothnerUpdate copyright notice.
1995-01-04 bothnerRecognize BSD/OS as bsdi. Patch from Chris Torek ...
1994-12-21 kenner(sun4:SunOS:*:*): Handle Solbourne OS/MP systems.
1994-12-06 roland(dummy.c) [sony]: Include <sys/param.h> and emit newsos...
1994-11-29 kenner(ibmrt): Add more cases for various forms of BSD.
1994-11-23 kennerAdd cases for romp-ibm-aix and romp-ibm-bsd.
1994-11-15 bothnerSupport paragon as i860-intel-osf1. (From RMS.)
1994-11-01 bothner(*-unknown-freebsd): Remove [-(] from UNAME_RELEASE.
1994-10-21 bothnerBetter NCR support.
1994-10-19 djmAdd licensing exception for Autoconf.
1994-10-18 kennerMinor update to last change.
1994-10-18 kennerRevise support for AIX 4.1 on POWER and PowerPC.
1994-10-17 kennerAdd support for AIX 4.1 and architecture.
1994-10-07 bothnerPatch to handle old Convex systems (without uname).
1994-10-03 rolandRecognize GNU.
1994-09-29 kenner(i[34]86:UNIX_SV:4.*:*): Remove "UNIX_SV" for Unixware...
1994-09-22 cksadd convex c3* c4*
1994-09-20 bothnerPatches for HPUX, and SunOS4 (Japanese).
1994-08-29 bothnerVarious fixes (freebsd, ncr, nextstep): See ChangeLog.
1994-08-26 bothner(netbsd, freebsd, linux): Accept any machine, not...
1994-08-26 kennerRecognize powerpc-ibm-aix3.2.5.
1994-08-26 bothnerMerges from Cygnus version.
1994-08-26 rmsentered into RCS
1994-08-26 rms*** empty log message ***
1994-08-26 rms*** empty log message ***
1994-08-24 mycroft*** empty log message ***
1994-08-17 kenner*** empty log message ***
1994-08-11 kenner*** empty log message ***
1994-07-28 kenner*** empty log message ***
1993-06-10 jimb*** empty log message ***
1993-05-19 rolandInitial revision