(__gmon_start__): Renamed from gmon_start, made global.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / config.make.in
1995-10-16 roland(stdio): New variable, set by configure.
1995-09-27 roland(AS): Set to `$(CC) -c'.
1995-09-27 roland(AS): New variable.
1995-08-07 roland(have-initfini): New variable, set by configure.
1995-03-10 rolandComment fixes.
1995-03-10 roland(build-shared, build-profile, build-omitfp): New config...
1995-01-26 roland(gnu-as, gnu-ld, elf, weak-symbols): New variables.
1994-12-08 roland(CC): Define to @CC@.
1994-12-08 rolandInitial revision