Updated to fedora-glibc-20080520T1924
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / conform / conformtest.pl
2001-08-23 roland2001-08-22 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-08-19 drepper<inttypes.h> test required <stddef.h>.
2001-08-18 drepperChange namespace test to take #undef lines into account.
2001-02-02 drepperAdd missing $prepend in type test.
2001-01-28 drepperAdd -fno-builtin to CFLAGS.
2001-01-28 drepperUndo last change. Define $mustprepend{"stdio.h"}.
2001-01-28 drepperDefine $mustprepend{"stdio.h"}.
2001-01-28 drepper(@headers): Add complex.h and tgmath.h.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement handling of symbol.
2001-01-27 drepper(@headers): Add sys/select.h.
2001-01-27 drepperDefine $mustprepend{"signal.h"}.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-element.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-type.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-macro.
2001-01-26 drepperFix handling of macro-str.
2001-01-26 drepper(@headers): Add stdint.h.
2001-01-26 drepperRecognize options --headers and --dialect. Add dialect...
2001-01-26 drepperImplement handling of recursive allow-header.
2001-01-25 drepperHandle allow-header in secondary headers correctly.
2001-01-25 drepperImplement optional-constant.
2001-01-25 drepperA bit of cleanup.
2001-01-25 drepperRun Unix tests for XPG6.
2001-01-25 drepperHandle allow-header correctly.
2001-01-25 drepper(checknamespace): Ignore #undef lines.
2000-05-02 aj2000-05-02 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-04-30 drepper(@headers): Add sys/utsname.h, sys/un.h, sys/socket...
2000-02-27 drepper(@headers): Add wordexp.h, wctype.h, wchar.h, varargs...
2000-02-25 drepper(@headers): Add "sys/msg.h", "sys/mman.h", "sys/ipc...
2000-02-24 drepper(@headers): Add string.h and strings.h.
2000-02-23 drepper(@headers): Add stdlib.h.
2000-02-23 drepperCorrect bugs. Add more functionality.
1999-08-26 drepperAllow testing regex.h which requires sys/types.h being...
1999-08-25 drepper(@headers): Add search.h, sched.h, regex.h, pwd.h,...
1999-08-25 drepper(@headers): Add monetary.h-data, mqueue.h-data, ndbm...
1999-08-24 drepperDon't undefine function macros. Remove __attribute__...
1999-08-24 drepperRun conformance tests on library headers.