[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / conform /
2001-03-09 drepperAllow SO* symbols.
2001-02-02 drepperAdd missing $prepend in type test.
2001-01-28 drepperCorrect return type of pthread_exit.
2001-01-28 drepperAdd -fno-builtin to CFLAGS.
2001-01-28 drepperAdd _Exit.
2001-01-28 drepperAllow all of <inttypes.h>.
2001-01-28 drepperAllow all of <sched.h>.
2001-01-28 drepperUndo last change. Define $mustprepend{"stdio.h"}.
2001-01-28 drepperDefine $mustprepend{"stdio.h"}.
2001-01-28 drepperMake priority protocol related functions optional.
2001-01-28 drepperCLK_TCK is not in XPG6. Fix tzname entry.
2001-01-28 drepper(@headers): Add complex.h and tgmath.h.
2001-01-28 drepperConformance test data for <tgmath.h>.
2001-01-28 drepperConformance test data for <complex.h>.
2001-01-28 drepperAdd missing functions.
2001-01-28 drepperAdd missing const in tcsetattr() prototype.
2001-01-28 drepperDon't provide fixed array sizes.
2001-01-27 drepperFix typo.
2001-01-27 drepperAllow sys/select.h.
2001-01-27 drepperRemove isfdtype. Use optional-macro.
2001-01-27 drepperFix typos. Correct getsockopt, recvfrom, send, and...
2001-01-27 drepperSHMLBA is not required to by a constant.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement handling of symbol.
2001-01-27 drepperfd_set is a typedef.
2001-01-27 drepperTest data for <sys/select.h>.
2001-01-27 drepperMake typed mem stuff optional.
2001-01-27 drepper(@headers): Add sys/select.h.
2001-01-27 drepperAccount for XPG6 changes.
2001-01-27 drepperAccount for changes in XPG6.
2001-01-27 drepperCorrect posix_spawnattr_setflags prototype.
2001-01-27 drepperFix sigev_notify_function entry.
2001-01-27 drepperDefine $mustprepend{"signal.h"}.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-element.
2001-01-27 drepperMake sporadic scheduler definitions optional.
2001-01-27 drepperFix typo.
2001-01-27 drepperFix typo.
2001-01-27 drepperFix typo in poll prototype.
2001-01-27 drepperReserved prefix TCP_.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-type.
2001-01-27 drepperAdd many missing definitions.
2001-01-27 drepperImplement optional-macro.
2001-01-27 drepperUpdate for XPG6.
2001-01-26 drepperMark constants as optional wherever appropriate. Fix...
2001-01-26 drepperAdd reserved prefixes.
2001-01-26 drepperFix a few typos.
2001-01-26 drepperposix_madvise is not expected here.
2001-01-26 drepperFix handling of macro-str.
2001-01-26 drepperAdd missing definition and all of stdint.h-data.
2001-01-26 drepperExpect _C symbols to be macros.
2001-01-26 drepper(@headers): Add stdint.h.
2001-01-26 drepperConformance test data for <stdint.h>.
2001-01-26 drepperRecognize options --headers and --dialect. Add dialect...
2001-01-26 drepperImplement handling of recursive allow-header.
2001-01-26 drepperAdd new struct lconv members.
2001-01-25 drepperHandle allow-header in secondary headers correctly.
2001-01-25 drepperMark symbols introduced in XPG6 with #ifdef.
2001-01-25 drepperUse correct comment character.
2001-01-25 drepperUse correct comment character.
2001-01-25 drepperMark functions removed in XPG6 correctly.
2001-01-25 drepperImplement optional-constant.
2001-01-25 drepperUse optional-constant wherever appropriate.
2001-01-25 drepperA bit of cleanup.
2001-01-25 drepperRun Unix tests for XPG6.
2001-01-25 drepperFix some more typos.
2001-01-25 drepperUse // instead of # for comments.
2001-01-25 drepperFix typo.
2001-01-25 drepperHandle allow-header correctly.
2001-01-25 drepperUse correct comment form.
2001-01-25 drepper(checknamespace): Ignore #undef lines.
2000-08-03 drepperInclude ../Rules.
2000-08-01 aj * conform/data/netdb.h-data: Remove getipnodebyaddr...
2000-05-21 drepper(iconv): Remove const from inbuf parameter.
2000-05-02 aj2000-05-02 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-02 aj2000-05-02 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-01 drepperChange posix_spawnattr_getdefault and
2000-04-30 drepperAllow ss_* instead of SS_*.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd pthread_barrier_t, pthread_barrierattr_t, and pthre...
2000-04-30 drepperAdd S_TYPEISTMO and isfdtype.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test sys/utsname.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test sys/un.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test sys/socket.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test netinet/tcp.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test netinet/in.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test net/if.h.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test arpa/inet.h.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd posix_memalign, setenv, and unsetenv.
2000-04-30 drepperData to test spawn.h.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd SIGIO.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd sem_timedwait.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd sched_ss_low_priority, sched_ss_repl_period, sched_...
2000-04-30 drepperAdd pthread_barrier_t, pthread_barrierattr_t, pthread_b...
2000-04-30 drepperData to test netdb.h.
2000-04-30 drepperAdd F_GETOWN, F_SETOWN, SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END...
2000-04-30 drepperAdd a comment.
2000-04-30 drepper(@headers): Add sys/utsname.h, sys/un.h, sys/socket...
2000-04-28 drepper(distribute): Also distribute contents of subdirectories.
2000-04-10 drepperAdd allow-header sys/stat.h.