(__gmon_start__): Renamed from gmon_start, made global.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / csu /
1996-01-17 roland(__gmon_start__): Renamed from gmon_start, made global.
1996-01-16 roland[have-initfini=yes] (CPPFLAGS): Append -DHAVE_INITFINI.
1995-10-11 rolandDon't pass -f flag to cp.
1995-09-26 rolandNew file.
1995-09-26 roland(extra-objs): Add gmon-start.o, g$(start-installed...
1995-08-07 roland(SECTION): New macro, different definitions for #ifdef...
1995-07-26 roland[$(elf)=yes] (have-initfini): Set to yes.
1995-07-26 roland(GLOBAL): Macro removed.
1995-07-26 roland(crtstuff, initfini): Don't make crt[in]_s.o.
1995-03-29 roland.
1995-02-21 roland(crtstuff): New variable consolidates crti, crtn; add...
1995-02-21 roland(_init, _fini): Add self reference to avoid GCC optimiz...
1995-02-21 roland(GLOBAL): New macro; define it to empty if undefined.
1995-01-27 rolandInitial revision
1995-01-27 rolandInitial revision