(cache_add): Before returning with failure and this is the first use
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / debug /
2008-04-07 jakub * stdlib/mbtowc.c (__no_r_state): Remove.
2008-03-05 drepperBuild asprintf_chk, vasprintf_chk, dprintf_chk, vdprint...
2008-03-05 drepper(__asprintf_chk, __dprintf_chk, __obstack_printf_chk...
2008-03-05 drepper(do_test): Add asprintf and obstack_printf tests.
2008-03-05 dreppervdprintf function with %n testing.
2008-03-05 drepperdprintf version with %n testing.
2008-03-05 drepperasprintf version with %n checking.
2008-03-05 dreppervasprintf version with %n test.
2008-03-05 drepperobprintf version with %n checking.
2008-01-02 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2007-09-26 drepper(do_test): Add a few more tests.
2007-09-15 drepper(__fortify_fail): Add libc_hidden_def.
2007-09-15 drepper(libc): Export __fortify_fail@@GLIBC_PRIVATE.
2007-09-15 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-{,lfs}chk{4,5,6} tests.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-lfschk3 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-lfschk2 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-lfschk1 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-chk3 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-chk2 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepperRun tst-chk1 test for C++.
2007-09-15 drepper(do_prepare, do_test): Allow compilation as C++. For...
2007-08-28 drepper(libc): Export __fread_chk@@GLIBC_2.7 and __fread_unloc...
2007-08-28 drepper(routines): Add fread_chk and fread_u_chk.
2007-08-28 drepper(do_test): Add fread and fread_unlocked tests.
2007-08-28 drepperDebug version of fread_unlocked.
2007-08-28 drepperDebug version of fread.
2007-08-26 drepperDisable format checking when compiling tst-chk?.c.
2007-08-22 drepperFix typos in comments.
2007-08-21 drepperTurn on internationalization by calling setlocale.
2007-07-28 drepper(do_tests, do_random_tests): Add casts to avoid warnings.
2007-07-19 drepper(__vfwprintf_chk): Use _IO_acquire_lock_clear_flags2...
2007-05-24 drepper(routines): Add fortify_fail.
2007-05-24 drepperUse __fortify_fail.
2007-05-24 drepperImplement __fortify_fail.
2007-02-17 drepperQuoting and trap changes.
2007-01-03 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2006-05-19 drepper($(objpfx)xtrace): Use $LIB in SLIBDIR replacement.
2006-05-19 drepper(pcprofileso): Add quotes.
2006-04-24 drepper(do_test): Add readlinkat tests.
2006-04-24 drepper(libc): Export __readlinkat_chk@@GLIBC_2.5.
2006-04-24 drepper(routines): Add readlinkat_chk.
2006-04-24 drepperreadlinkat variant with buffer overflow checking.
2006-01-14 roland2006-01-14 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2006-01-01 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric strncpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric strncat_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric strcpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric strcat_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric stpncpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric stpcpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric segfault.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric readonly-area.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric memset_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric mempcpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric memmove_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric memcpy_chk.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric backtracesymsfd.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric backtracesyms.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric backtrace.c.
2005-10-31 drepperChange backtrace+symbols_fd comment.
2005-09-17 drepperAdd missing escape character in -? match.
2005-08-22 drepperInclude assert.h.
2005-08-22 drepper(__wcstombs_chk): Pass &SRC rather than SRC to __wcsrtombs.
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbsrtowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbstowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbsnrtowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-20 drepperAdd tests for mbstowcs and wcstombs.
2005-08-09 drepperAdd libc_hidden_def.
2005-07-25 drepperAdd __mbstowcs_chk and __wcstombs_chk.
2005-07-25 drepper(routines): Add mbstowcs_chk and wcstombs_chk.
2005-07-25 drepperChekcing variant of mbstowcs.
2005-07-25 drepperChecking variant of wcstombs.
2005-07-21 drepper(do_test): Add test for swprintf with format being...
2005-07-21 drepper(__getgroups_chk): Fix return value.
2005-07-20 drepper(routines): Add wcrtomb_chk, mbsrtowcs_chk, wcsrtombs_chk,
2005-07-20 drepperAdd __wcrtomb_chk, __mbsrtowcs_chk, __wcsrtombs_chk...
2005-07-20 drepperAdd tests for __wcrtomb_chk, __mbsrtowcs_chk, __wcsrtom...
2005-07-20 drepperChecking variant of wcsrtombs.
2005-07-20 drepperChecking variant of wcsnrtombs.
2005-07-20 drepperChecking variant of wcrtomb.
2005-07-20 drepperChecking variant of mbsrtowcs.
2005-07-20 drepperChecking variant of mbsnrtowcs.
2005-07-18 drepper(routines): Add confstr_chk, getdomainname_chk, getgrou...
2005-07-18 drepperExport __confstr_chk, __getdomainname_chk, __getgroups_...
2005-07-18 drepperAdd tests for confstr, getdomainname, getgroups, gethos...
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of ttyname_r.
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of getlogin_r.
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of gethostname.
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of getgroups.
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of getdomainname.
2005-07-18 drepperDebug version of confstr.
2005-07-15 aj * debug/Makefile (tst-lfschk3-ENV): New, set locale.
2005-07-15 drepper(routines): Add new functions.
2005-07-15 drepperExport new functions.
2005-07-15 drepperAdd tests for new functions.
2005-07-15 drepperFortified version of wprintf.
2005-07-15 drepperFortified version of wmemset.
2005-07-15 drepperFortified version of wmempcpy.
2005-07-15 drepperFortified version of wmemmove.
2005-07-15 drepperFortified version of wmemcpy.