Test program for atexit registering in atexit handler.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / dlfcn / dlfcn.h
2006-03-01 roland2006-02-28 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-11-25 drepperRemove nonnull attribute from dlopen.
2004-11-22 drepperAdd __nonnull attributes.
2004-10-14 drepperDefine Lmid_t, LM_ID_BASE, and LM_ID_NEWLM.
2003-07-15 drepperMark dlopen with __THROW again.
2003-04-19 drepper Remove __THROW marker from cancellation points.
2003-03-15 roland2003-03-15 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-10 roland2003-03-10 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2001-10-27 drepperPretty printing.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2000-06-08 drepperPretty print dladdr declaraction.
2000-02-28 drepperAdd missing #endif.
2000-02-28 drepperRemove DL_CALL_FCT definition here.
2000-02-23 drepper(RTLD_DEFAULT): Don't use NULL.
1999-10-09 drepperRemove K&R compatibility.
1999-08-18 drepperDefine RTLD_NEXT and RTLD_DEFAULT only if __USE_G
1999-07-07 drepperHeader for libdl.