Updated to fedora-glibc-20060905T0633
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / elf / do-lookup.h
2006-09-05 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20060905T0633 fedora-glibc-2_4_90-29
2006-07-11 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20060710T2206 fedora-glibc-2_4_90-13
2006-03-01 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20060301T0647
2005-03-19 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20050319T1907
2004-10-14 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20041014T0548
2004-03-07 drepperReplace #ifs with ifs.
2004-03-06 drepperRemove *_internal definition. Don't use INTUSE for...
2004-03-05 drepperUse GLRO instead of GL where appropriate.
2003-06-11 drepper(FCT): Don't inline.
2002-04-13 drepper[!VERSIONED]: Add new parameter flags. Use it to check...
2002-04-03 drepper(do_lookup): 2 is the first user-defined version number.
2002-03-01 drepperUse rtld_progrname instead of _dl_argv[0].
2002-02-11 drepper(FCT): st_value can be zero for STT_TLS symbols.
2002-02-11 drepper(FCT): Don't discard STT_TLS symbols.
2002-02-06 ajChange users of INT to use INTUSE.
2002-02-03 drepperUse INT for calls to _dl_debug_printf_internal,
2002-02-01 drepperAdd _dl_load_lock, _dl_lazy, _dl_dynamic_weak, _dl_fpu_...
2002-01-31 drepperMove global variables for SHARED code in struct _rtld_g...
2001-08-26 drepper(do_lookup): Pass around just type_class instead of...
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-02-28 drepperReplace use of old output functions with the new ones.
2001-02-27 drepperReplace _dl_debug_* variables with _dl_debug_mask.
2000-08-26 drepperRemove unused undef_name parameter.
2000-06-08 drepperAdd some __builtin_expect.
2000-06-08 drepperIf we find a weak definition treat it like a normal...
2000-05-22 drepper(do_lookup_versioned): Replace reloc_type parameter...
2000-03-23 drepper(FCT): Use D_PTR to access relocated entries in l_info.
1999-07-29 drepperPretty print.
1999-07-27 drepperUse Elf_Symndx instead of ElfXX_Symndx.
1999-07-23 drepperRemove reference_name parameter, add undef_map.
1999-06-06 drepperIt should never happen that if we expect a versioned...
1999-05-07 drepperFix typo in comment.
1999-02-20 drepperRemove test for l_opencount == 0 after change in dl...
1999-02-20 drepperInner loop of lookup function.