(rtld_map): New static variable.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / elf / elf.h
1995-09-17 roland* elf/elf.h (AT_GID): Fix typo: Read -> Real.
1995-09-15 roland(EM_S370): Fixed typo in comment.
1995-06-05 roland(ELFMAG): Use \177 instead of \x7f. It seems GCC insis...
1995-05-12 roland(ELFMAG, SELFMAG): New macros.
1995-05-08 roland(PT_MIPS_REGINFO): Fixed typo in comment.
1995-03-30 roland(STN_UNDEF): New macro (distinct from SHN_UNDEF, though...
1995-03-10 roland(STN_UNDEF): Renamed to SHN_UNDEF (typo).
1995-02-18 rolandPreviously uncontrolled files put into CVS.