Add IA-64 definitions.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / elf / tls-macros.h
2002-11-21 drepperAdd IA-64 definitions.
2002-11-08 roland2002-11-07 Richard Henderson <>
2002-10-11 roland2002-10-11 Roland McGrath <>
2002-10-05 drepperFix SH version of macros so as to match ABI syntax.
2002-10-02 drepperFix code sequences for SH TLS_LD and TLS_GD macros.
2002-09-30 roland2002-09-30 Roland McGrath <>
2002-09-25 roland2002-09-24 Roland McGrath <>
2002-04-08 drepperDefine SH version TLS_LE, TLS_IE, TLS_LD and TLS_GD...
2002-02-13 drepperasms using ___tls_get_addr destroy %ecx and %edx.
2002-02-11 drepperAdd alternative macros for use in PIC.
2002-02-10 drepperMacros to enable use of TLS features without compiler...