(rtld_map): New static variable.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / elf /
1995-11-07 roland(rtld_map): New static variable.
1995-11-07 rolandFix last change: move REF out of `doit'.
1995-11-06 rolandReturn the proper value, not just the defining object...
1995-10-24 rolandInclude _itoa.h from stdio-common instead of stdio.
1995-10-17 roland(install-others): Add missing slash.
1995-10-17 rolandPrepend `./' to relative file names so ld.so won't...
1995-10-11 roland(install-others): Add missing $.
1995-10-09 roland(distribute): Add ldd.sh.in.
1995-10-09 rolandNew file.
1995-10-09 roland(dl_main): Under --list, print msg if executable is...
1995-10-09 roland(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Rewrote program header proces...
1995-10-06 roland(elf_get_dynamic_info): If DYN is null, don't examine it.
1995-10-05 roland(dl_main): Grok --list flag.
1995-10-04 roland(_dl_sysdep_message): Declare it.
1995-10-04 roland(dlopen): Don't pass USER_ENTRY arg to _dl_map_object.
1995-09-30 roland(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Do all accesses to HEADER...
1995-09-30 roland(_dl_map_object, _dl_map_object_from_fd): Remove last...
1995-09-30 roland(dl_main): Don't pass USER_ENTRY arg to _dl_map_object.
1995-09-30 roland(dl_main): Don't pass USER_ENTRY arg to _dl_map_object.
1995-09-30 roland(_dl_init_next): Don't pass ENTRY_POINT arg to _dl_map_...
1995-09-30 roland(struct link_map): New member `l_entry'.
1995-09-28 roland(rtld_command): Variable removed.
1995-09-27 roland(_dl_map_object_from_fd): New function, broken out...
1995-09-27 roland(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Fix type in decl.
1995-09-27 roland(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Declare it.
1995-09-21 roland(distribute): Add soinit.c and sofini.c.
1995-09-21 rolandNew file.
1995-09-21 rolandNew file.
1995-09-19 rolandInclude errno.h.
1995-09-17 roland* elf/elf.h (AT_GID): Fix typo: Read -> Real.
1995-09-15 roland(EM_S370): Fixed typo in comment.
1995-09-06 roland(_dl_lookup_symbol): Test WEAK_VALUE.s rather than...
1995-07-06 rolandPass final arg to _dl_lookup_symbol.
1995-07-06 roland(libdl.so): Pass $(LDFLAGS.so).
1995-06-08 roland(_dl_map_object): Add MAP_INHERIT flag in mmap from...
1995-06-08 roland(_dl_relocate_object: resolve): Don't let *REF satisfy...
1995-06-08 roland(elf_dynamic_do_rel): Pass new second arg of R->r_offse...
1995-06-08 roland(_dl_lookup_symbol): Take new flag arg NOSELF; if nonze...
1995-06-08 roland(_dl_lookup_symbol): Add new arg NOSELF in decl.
1995-06-08 roland(dl_main): Write a newline in fatal msg.
1995-06-08 roland[! NDEBUG] (__assert_perror_fail): New function.
1995-06-08 roland(open_path): Don't do strlen on DIRPATH if it's null.
1995-06-07 roland(_dl_catch_error): Clear *ERRSTRING and *OBJNAME when...
1995-06-07 rolandDon't dereference L->l_prev when it's null.
1995-06-07 roland(dl_main): Add missing NULL terminating argument in...
1995-06-05 roland(ELFMAG): Use \177 instead of \x7f. It seems GCC insis...
1995-06-01 rolandInitialize RTLD_MAP.l_type.
1995-06-01 roland(_dl_relocate_object): Clear LAZY if relocating the...
1995-05-31 rolandFinally finished!!!
1995-05-21 roland(ld.so): Use -nostartfiles in addition to -nostdlib.
1995-05-12 roland(ELFMAG, SELFMAG): New macros.
1995-05-11 rolandmisc
1995-05-09 rolandmisc fixes
1995-05-08 roland(PT_MIPS_REGINFO): Fixed typo in comment.
1995-05-08 roland.
1995-05-06 rolandMisc fixes in new rtld code.
1995-05-03 roland(_dl_catch_error): Actually call the OPERATE function...
1995-05-02 rolandImplemented runtime dynamic linker to support ELF share...
1995-04-13 roland(elf_hash): Use XOR instead of ANDN when the bits being...
1995-03-30 roland(STN_UNDEF): New macro (distinct from SHN_UNDEF, though...
1995-03-30 rolandNew file.
1995-03-29 roland.
1995-03-10 roland(STN_UNDEF): Renamed to SHN_UNDEF (typo).
1995-03-06 rolandFix typos.
1995-02-27 rolandNew file.
1995-02-27 rolandNew file.
1995-02-21 rolandNew file.
1995-02-18 rolandPreviously uncontrolled files put into CVS.