(main): Test frexpl with denormal arguments.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / elf /
2001-05-23 drepper(_dl_map_object_deps): Pass objname and errstring of...
2001-05-22 drepperTest modules for dlclose problem.
2001-05-22 drepperTest program for dlclose() problem.
2001-05-22 drepper(distribute): Add reldep4mod[1234].c.
2001-05-22 drepper(_dl_close): Save imap->l_reldeps, not map->l_reldeps.
2001-05-22 drepper(PROTECTED): Remove defines.
2001-05-22 drepper(routines): Remove dl-symbol.
2001-05-22 drepperNot needed anymore.
2001-05-22 drepper(struct list): Remove dup field, rename unique to next.
2001-05-22 drepper(_dl_lookup_symbol_skip): Look in r_list, not r_duplist.
2001-05-22 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Don't initialize them.
2001-05-22 drepper(tests): Add restest2.
2001-05-22 drepperTest for RTLD_NEXT handling.
2001-05-22 drepper(_dl_signal_error): Change NULL objname into "".
2001-05-22 drepper(dl_open_worker): Don't check for l_addr == 0.
2001-05-22 drepper(_dl_sym): Don't check for l_addr == 0.
2001-05-22 drepper(dl_main): Compute l_map_end for the main program.
2001-05-17 drepper(_dl_mcount): Check whether state is GMON_PROF_ON befor...
2001-05-17 drepper(read_symbols): Move "++symtab" into the while loop.
2001-05-17 aj * elf/ldconfig.c (add_dir): Only warn about stat failu...
2001-05-08 aj * elf/ldconfig.c (dir_entry): Add ino and dev.
2001-04-23 drepperDon't use cpuclock-init.h definitions, use hp-timing...
2001-04-22 drepperCorrected R_PARISC_DIR14R (should be 6, not 5), and...
2001-04-21 drepperInclude cpuclock-init.h. Use CPUCLOCK_VARDEF and CPUCL...
2001-04-11 drepper(__assert_fail): Change error string. It's most of...
2001-04-11 drepper(_dl_map_object_deps): Provide complete error message.
2001-04-10 drepperDon't declare ENTRY_POINT. Use ENTRY_POINT instead...
2001-04-09 drepperRemove reference to binutils header.
2001-04-09 drepperAdd new relocations for CRIS.
2001-04-06 ajAdd prototypes to avoid warnings.
2001-04-05 drepper(HWCAP_SPARC_ULTRA3): Define it.
2001-04-02 aj(print_statistics)[!HP_TIMING_NONAVAIL]: Avoid warning...
2001-04-01 roland2001-03-11 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-03-25 drepper(tests): Don't depend on $(objpfx)tst-pathopt.out for...
2001-03-21 aj(main): Use proper prototype.
2001-03-20 drepperVarious little optimizations.
2001-03-20 drepper(DL_DST_COUNT): Add __builtin_expect.
2001-03-20 drepper(_dl_dst_count): Make DST recognition more robust.
2001-03-19 drepperAdd case for FLAG_S390_LIB64.
2001-03-17 drepper(_dl_map_object): Fix typo in last change.
2001-03-17 drepper(_dl_map_object): Don't test l_opencount when looking...
2001-03-16 drepper(search_dir): Remove bogus diagnostic, instead update...
2001-03-16 drepperAdd new relocations for 64 bit S/390.
2001-03-16 drepper(process_file): Add osversion argument.
2001-03-16 drepper(manual_link): Pass it.
2001-03-16 drepper(__strtoul_internal): Set endptr on return.
2001-03-16 drepper(_dl_osversion): New.
2001-03-16 drepper(struct cache_entry): Add osversion.
2001-03-16 drepper(CPPFLAGS-dl-load.c): Add -I$(csu-objpfx).
2001-03-16 drepper($(objpfx)tst-pathopt.out): Protected against cross...
2001-03-11 aj(EM_*): Synch with official list.
2001-03-10 drepper(dl_main): If tracing, warn about undefined symbols...
2001-03-10 drepper(interpreters, known_libs): Use SYSDEP_KNOWN_INTERPRETE...
2001-03-10 drepperMoveed to sysdeps/generic.
2001-03-09 aj(EM_S390): Use official value.
2001-03-07 aj(_dl_sysdep_message): Remove.
2001-03-04 drepperAdd rules to build and run global.
2001-03-04 drepperTst for RTLD_GLOBAL used with RTLD_DEFAULT.
2001-03-04 drepperAdd new ARM definitions from latest (B-01) specification.
2001-03-03 drepperRemove commented out code.
2001-03-01 drepperPretty printing.
2001-03-01 drepper(_dl_new_object): Don't add the loader's scope twice.
2001-02-28 drepper(_dl_debug_vdprintf): Fix type visible on 64-bit machines.
2001-02-28 drepperReplace use of old output functions with the new ones.
2001-02-28 drepperRemove definition of _dl_sysdep_output and _dl_debug_me...
2001-02-28 drepper[ld]: Don't export _dl_debug_message anymore. Export...
2001-02-27 drepperLittle optimizations in handling _dl_lazy.
2001-02-27 drepper(_dl_start_profile): Portability changes.
2001-02-27 drepper(save_cache): Portability changes.
2001-02-27 drepperCleanups. Remove arbitrary limits.
2001-02-27 drepperDon't export _dl_debug_impcalls and _dl_debug_files.
2001-02-27 drepperReplace _dl_debug_* variables with _dl_debug_mask.
2001-02-15 drepper(DT_CHECKSUM): Define.
2001-02-10 aj(tests): Only run tst-pathopt with shared libs.
2001-02-09 drepper(distribute): Add firstobj.c.
2001-02-06 ajAdd prototype.
2001-02-06 drepper(print_entry): Use PRIx64 instead of Lx in printf strin...
2001-02-06 drepper(search_dir): Use PRIx64 instead of Lx in printf string.
2001-02-03 drepperAdd a few __builtin_expect.
2001-02-02 drepperTest module for DF_1_INITFIRST in libpthread.
2001-02-02 drepperTest program for DF_1_INITFIRST in libpthread.
2001-02-02 drepperAdd rules to build and run initfirst test.
2001-02-02 drepperRemove special support for calling __pthread_initialize...
2001-02-02 drepper(_dl_map_from_fd): If DF_1_INITFIRST flag is set rememb...
2001-02-02 drepper(_dl_init): Split out actual initialization code in...
2001-02-01 drepper(SHT_CHECKSUM): New definition.
2001-01-23 aj * elf/dl-load.c (_dl_init_paths): Don't use strdupa...
2001-01-21 ajAdd prototype for init.
2001-01-19 drepper(process_envvars): Call __strtoul_internal instead...
2001-01-19 drepper(strtol, __strtol_internal,s strtoul): Removed.
2001-01-18 drepperAdd a few more EF_MIPS_* constants.
2001-01-12 aj * posix/fnmatch_loop.c (FCT): Remove signed warnings.
2001-01-11 drepper(_dl_open): Call DL_STATIC_INIT if defined.
2001-01-11 drepper(do_dlopen): Move DL_STATIC_INIT to _dl_open.
2001-01-11 drepper(do_dlopen): Call DL_STATIC_INIT for static binaries.
2001-01-09 drepper(process_envvars): Place output files for profiling...
2001-01-09 drepper(_dl_map_object): Don't look in cache for preloading...
2001-01-09 drepper(_dl_start_profile): Open the output file with O_NOFOLL...
2001-01-07 drepper(non_dynamic_init): Move the auxiliary vector checking...