Yet more update tweaks.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / fedora / Makefile
2004-09-23 rolandYet more update tweaks.
2004-09-23 roland(tar-name): Fix botch in last change.
2004-09-23 rolandMore update tweaks.
2004-09-22 rolandSome tweaks for update
2004-09-22 rolandAnother typo.
2004-09-22 roland(update): typo fix
2004-09-22 rolandDon't include the glibc snapshot date in the patch...
2004-09-22 roland(outside-patch): redhat -> fedora
2004-09-22 rolandFix typo.
2004-09-22 roland(spec-nvr): only get the first one
2004-09-22 roland(glibc.spec): Another typo fix.
2004-09-22 roland(glibc.spec): Typo fix.
2004-09-22 rolandUntested first draft of makefile magic to maintain...