(_S_msg_report_wait): New stub function.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / hurd / hurdmsg.c
1995-11-03 roland(_S_msg_report_wait): New stub function.
1995-02-06 roland(get_int): Use spin lock operations on SS->lock.
1995-01-17 rolandFix typo in last change.
1995-01-17 rolandPrepend `msg_' to all RPC names.
1994-12-08 rolandUse mach_msg_type_number_t in place of unsigned int.
1994-08-18 roland(_S_io_select_done): Take poly arg for notify port...
1994-06-29 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-29 rolandFormerly ../hurd/hurdmsg.c.~5~
1994-04-27 rolandFormerly ../hurd/hurdmsg.c.~4~
1994-04-22 rolandFormerly ../hurd/hurdmsg.c.~3~
1994-01-20 rolandFormerly ../hurd/hurdmsg.c.~2~
1992-07-01 rolandInitial revision