[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / iconv / gconv.c
2000-04-09 drepperPass additional parameter to conversion function.
2000-02-23 drepperInclude <stddef.h> for NULL.
1999-12-21 drepper(__gconv): Deal with outbuf being NULL.
1999-11-25 drepper(__gconv): Always initialize cd->__data[last_step]...
1999-07-07 drepperUse DL_CALL_FCT not _CALL_DL_FCT.
1999-06-28 drepperInclude dlfcn.h.
1999-06-16 drepperAdapt for symbol name changes in gconv.h.
1999-03-16 drepper(__gconv): Change type of last_start to unsigned char...
1999-03-15 drepper(__gconv): Change parameter from `char' to `unsigned...
1998-10-19 drepperInclude ldsodefs.h, not elf/ldsodefs.h.
1998-10-19 drepperInclude ELF header only if STATIC_GCONV is not defined...
1998-06-18 drepperUse _CALL_DL_FCT to call function from dynamically...
1998-04-21 drepper(__gconv): Remove bogus input buffer size computation.
1998-04-20 drepperRewritten.
1998-04-07 drepperTake care for NULL arguments.
1998-04-04 drepperRewrite of the low-level of gconv.
1997-11-24 drepperFix lots of bugs.
1997-11-18 drepperCorrectly call transformation function.
1997-11-18 drepperCharacter set transformation implementation