Test for unaligned access in built-in converters.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / iconv / gconv_cache.c
2003-06-11 drepperChange hash_string call to __hash_string.
2003-04-23 roland2003-04-22 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-04-19 drepperInclude <not-cancel.h> and use non-cancelable functions.
2002-12-02 drepper(map): New field btowc_fct.
2002-11-01 roland2002-10-30 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2002-08-25 drepper(__gconv_load_cache): Add cast to avoid warning.
2002-08-04 drepper(gconv_cache): Renamed for __gconv_cache and defined...
2001-09-01 drepperRename variable cache to __gconv_cache and export it.
2001-08-17 drepperUse __munmap instead of munmap.
2001-08-17 drepper(__gconv_load_cache): Use __close instead of close.
2001-08-16 drepper(find_module): Add #ifndef STATIC_GCONV.
2001-07-27 drepper(__gconv_compare_alias_cache): New function.
2001-07-24 drepper(find_module): Don't allocate room for the filename...
2001-07-24 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Catch one more boundary case...
2001-07-24 drepperUndo last change. Remove debugging output.
2001-07-24 aj * iconv/iconvconfig.c (name_insert): Make static to...
2001-07-23 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Handle encoding from and to...
2001-07-23 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Select correct module for conve...
2001-07-22 drepperImplementation of handling of gconv-modules.cache file.