(install-locales): Allow specifying charset in locale name but omit it in
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / iconv / gconv_conf.c
1999-04-28 drepper(add_alias): Avoid searching in tree twice to insert...
1999-01-28 drepper(add_alias): Check that so such alias is currently...
1999-01-22 drepper(add_alias): Fix typo in last change.
1999-01-22 drepper(add_alias): Convert names to uppercase before adding...
1999-01-18 drepper(add_module): Complete rewrite. Use cleverer data...
1998-12-17 drepper(module_compare): Make s1 and s2 const.
1998-10-30 drepper(__gconv_read_conf): Don't define as internal_function...
1998-09-09 drepperQuiet -Wparentheses warnings.
1998-07-16 drepperFix warnings introduced in last change.
1998-07-16 drepperUnify names of used global functions.
1998-07-05 drepper(read_conf_file): Use feof_unlocked on private stream.
1998-05-08 drepper(builtin_modules): Initialize cost_hi from
1998-04-20 drepperRewritten.
1998-04-08 drepper(__gconv_read_conf): Use __realpath not realpath.
1998-04-07 drepper(MAXPATHLEN): Define correctly.
1998-04-07 drepperDefine MAXPATHLEN if not available before.
1998-04-03 drepperAdopt for gconv_int.h introduction.
1998-04-01 drepper(builtin_aliases): New variable.
1997-12-01 drepper(read_conf_file): Little optimization.
1997-11-24 drepperFix lots of bugs.
1997-11-18 drepperCharacter set transformation implementation