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2002-12-16 roland2002-12-15 Art Haas <ahaas@airmail.net>
2002-12-02 drepperDocument ONEBYTE_BODY.
2002-12-02 drepperDocument STORE_REST and FROM_ONEBYTE.
2002-12-02 drepperteps, increment_counter): Initialize __btowc_fct field.
2002-12-02 drepper(map): New field btowc_fct.
2002-12-02 drepper(map): New field btowc_fct.
2002-12-02 drepper(BUILTIN_TRANSFORMATION): Add BtowcFct argument.
2002-12-02 drepperAdd BtowcFct argument to all BUILTIN_TRANSFORMATION...
2002-12-02 drepper(BUILTIN_TRANSFORMATION): Add BtowcFct argument.
2002-12-02 drepper(__BUILTIN_TRANSFORM): Renamed from __BUILTIN_TRANS.
2002-12-02 drepper(__gconv_btowc_fct): New typedef.
2002-11-26 drepperMoved to iconvdata.
2002-11-26 drepper(tests): Remove tst-iconv4.c
2002-11-21 drepperImprove error message.
2002-11-21 drepper(tests): Add tst-iconv4.
2002-11-21 drepperTest handling of incomplete input.
2002-11-20 drepper(LOOPFCT): First test for empty input then for full...
2002-11-20 drepper(internal_ucs4le_loop_unaligned): Return __GCONV_EMPTY_...
2002-11-06 drepper(do_release_all): Undo last change.
2002-11-06 drepper(do_release_all): Call __libc_dlclose as many times...
2002-11-05 drepper(free_mem): Clear loaded.
2002-11-01 roland2002-10-30 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2002-09-24 drepper(main): Provide an error message that identifies the...
2002-08-29 roland2002-08-29 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2002-08-26 roland2002-08-26 Brian Youmans <3diff@gnu.org>
2002-08-25 drepperAdd casts to avoid warnings.
2002-08-25 drepper(process_block): Add casts to avoid warnings.
2002-08-25 drepper(__gconv_load_cache): Add cast to avoid warning.
2002-08-04 drepperUse the new functions instead of accessing the variables.
2002-08-04 drepper(__gconv_alias_db): Declare as hidden.
2002-08-04 drepper(__gconv_get_modules_db): New function.
2002-08-04 drepper(gconv_cache): Renamed for __gconv_cache and defined...
2002-08-04 drepperReplace __gconv_alias_db, __gconv_modules_db, and __gco...
2002-08-04 drepperAdd CPPFLAGS definitions woth -DNOT_in_libc for iconv_prog,
2002-07-27 drepper(main): Improve error message for the cases where ...
2002-07-25 drepperDefine NOT_IN_libc for objects in standalone programs.
2002-06-30 drepper(write_output): One more change to support --prefix.
2002-06-30 drepperImplement --prefix option.
2002-06-28 drepper(ascii_internal_loop): For error handling use STANDARD_...
2002-06-28 drepper(STANDARD_FROM_LOOP_ERR_HANDLER): New macro.
2002-05-24 drepperFix typo.
2002-05-21 drepperFix condition for defining unaligned loop. Add some...
2002-05-15 drepper({FROM,TO}_LOOP_{MIN,MAX}_NEEDED_{FROM,TO}): New macros.
2002-05-14 roland2002-05-13 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-04-19 drepper(RESET_INPUT_BUFFER): Replace ifs with #ifs to avoid...
2002-04-19 drepper(CFLAGS-simple-hash.c): Define to find hashval.h.
2002-03-25 aj(ucs4le_internal_loop_single): Handle little endian.
2002-03-24 aj(main): Use correct printf strings.
2002-03-15 drepperAdd internal_function to __gconv_get_path definition...
2002-03-15 drepperDeclare __gconv_read_conf, __gconv_alias_compare,
2002-03-12 drepper(__gconv_path_elem): Declare hidden.
2002-02-01 drepper(__gconv_alias_db, __gconv_modules_db, __gconv_cache...
2002-01-17 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2002-01-17 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2001-12-29 drepperRealloc error handling memory leak fix.
2001-12-10 drepper(CFLAGS-linereader.c): Define to -DNO_TRANSLITERATION.
2001-11-29 drepperPass empty strings as default value for to- and from...
2001-11-29 drepper(iconv_open): Don't strip out everything for empty...
2001-11-29 drepper(__gconv_open): Empty codeset name now means using...
2001-09-05 drepper(strtabinit): Initialize null Strent.
2001-09-01 drepperInclude <stddef.h> for wchar_t.
2001-09-01 drepper(insert_cache): New function.
2001-09-01 drepper(libc) [GLIBC_2.2.5]: Export __gconv_cache.
2001-09-01 drepperRename variable cache to __gconv_cache and export it.
2001-08-28 drepper(searchstring): Use correct length for comparison.
2001-08-25 aj(extra-objs): Add iconvconfig-modules so that
2001-08-18 drepperDefine __need_wchar_t before including <stddef.h>.
2001-08-17 drepperUse __munmap instead of munmap.
2001-08-17 drepper(__gconv_load_cache): Use __close instead of close.
2001-08-16 drepper(find_module): Add #ifndef STATIC_GCONV.
2001-08-16 drepperFix gconv_cache.c CFLAGS.
2001-08-14 drepperUse __tolower_l, __isdigit_l, __isspace_l with _nl_C_lo...
2001-08-07 aj(upstr): Add unused attribute to avoid warning.
2001-08-03 drepperCorrectly use __builtin_expect.
2001-07-28 drepper(distribute): Add strtab.c and iconvconfig.h.
2001-07-27 drepperAdd prototype for __gconv_compare_alias_cache.
2001-07-27 drepper(__gconv_lookup_alias): Removed.
2001-07-27 drepperReplace __gconv_lookup_alias prototype with __gconv_com...
2001-07-27 drepper(__gconv_compare_alias_cache): New function.
2001-07-25 drepper(write_output): Don't overwrite old cache file until...
2001-07-25 drepper(install-sbin): Add iconvconfig here.
2001-07-25 drepper(main): Don't write an output file if we have seen...
2001-07-25 drepper(install-bin): Add iconvconfig.
2001-07-24 drepperAdd prototype fpr __gconv_release_cache.
2001-07-24 drepper(__gconv_find_shlib): Allocate file name in the record...
2001-07-24 drepper(__gconv_close_transform): Call __gconv_release_cache...
2001-07-24 drepper(find_module): Don't allocate room for the filename...
2001-07-24 drepper(add_builtins): Remove debug output.
2001-07-24 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Catch one more boundary case...
2001-07-24 drepperUndo last change. Remove debugging output.
2001-07-24 aj * iconv/iconvconfig.c (name_insert): Make static to...
2001-07-23 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Handle encoding from and to...
2001-07-23 drepperCreate a special record for the INTERNAL encoding name...
2001-07-23 drepper(__gconv_lookup_cache): Select correct module for conve...
2001-07-23 ajAdd prototypes to avoid warnings.
2001-07-23 drepperISO-106464/UTF-8/ transformation must really be an...
2001-07-23 aj * iconv/iconvconfig.c: Include <sys/cdefs.h> and use
2001-07-23 drepper(write_output): Update comment explaining output format.
2001-07-22 drepperRemove --verbose option. Comment out mcheck_verbose...
2001-07-22 drepper(morememory): Fix little memory handling problem.