Change all uses of __is_last.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / iconvdata / 8bit-generic.c
2000-03-28 drepperUse get16, get32, put16, and put32 instead of direct...
1999-06-16 drepperAdapt for symbol name changes in gconv.h.
1998-04-20 drepperRewritten.
1998-04-15 drepperCorrect access to to_ucs4 array.
1998-04-13 drepperSimplify step data handling.
1998-04-04 drepperAdapt for rewrite of the low-level of gconv.
1998-02-20 drepperDon't use __ protected functions.
1997-12-01 drepperGeneric implementation for 8bit charsets.