Add some compatibility aliases (copied from generic bits/sigaction.h).
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / inet / arpa / tftp.h
1999-06-11 drepperMove attribute declaration in right position.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-05-17 drepperAdd second packed attribute.
1999-05-02 drepperstruct tftphdr must be packed on the ARM. The default...
1997-06-21 drepperStandardize the multiple-include protect.
1997-06-12 drepper(struct tftphdr): Change type of tu_block to `unsigned...
1994-07-31 rolandIncorporated from BSD 4.4-Lite.
1992-05-13 rolandentered into RCS