(extend_alias_table): Return an error indicator.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / intl / localealias.c
2000-05-04 drepper(extend_alias_table): Return an error indicator.
2000-05-04 drepperDefine _GNU_SOURCE as early as possible.
2000-02-28 drepperUpdate copyright.
1999-04-28 drepper(string_space, string_space_act, string_space_max,...
1998-12-01 drepperUse *_unlocked version of stdio function if _LIBC_REENT...
1998-09-21 drepperDefine mempcpy only if not already defined.
1998-07-05 drepperUse feof_unlocked and ferror_unlocked on private stream.
1998-06-18 drepperUndo patch from 1998-04-29.
1998-04-29 drepper(read_alias_file): Use unsigned char for local variable...
1998-03-19 drepperRemove unneeded define for strdup.
1998-03-19 drepper[_LIBC]: Protect definition of strdup macro.
1997-11-04 drepper(read_alias_file): Correct handling of line
1997-10-06 drepperMark read_alias_file as internal function.
1997-09-30 drepper(read_alias_file): Optimize locale alias file reading...
1997-08-24 drepperInclude <bits/libc-lock.h> not <libc-lock.h>.
1997-08-20 drepperUse strdup in glibc. Correct comment.
1997-08-02 drepperUpdate from latest gettext.
1997-02-15 drepperUpdate to 2.1.x development version libc-970218
1996-12-20 drepperUpdate from main archive 961219
1996-07-12 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed
1996-06-04 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed
1996-06-04 rolandTue Jun 4 00:16:03 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@delas...
1996-06-03 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed
1996-03-28 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed
1996-02-18 rolandUpdated from /src/gettext-0.10.4/intl/localealias.c
1995-11-10 rolandUpdated from /gd4/gnu/gettext-0.9.12/intl/localealias.c
1995-11-07 roland(read_alias_file): Avoid sprintf; use memcpy by hand...
1995-09-28 rolandNew message handling code from GNU gettext, by drepper.