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[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / linuxthreads / Examples /
2001-03-27 drepper(main): Correct detection of failed mmap call.
2001-03-21 drepperTest for pthread_getattr_np.
2001-01-13 drepperTest case for pthread_kill_other_threads_np(). glibc-2_2
2001-01-11 drepperTest of exit() in other than mani thread.
2000-12-27 aj * Examples/ex13.c: Make local functions static.
2000-12-27 drepper(test_thread): Make static.
2000-12-27 drepper(test_thread): Make static and add noreturn attribute.
2000-11-20 drepperCast int to long before casting to void *.
2000-10-31 drepper(main): Don't use exit() to avoid warning with broken...
2000-10-23 drepper(TIMEOUT): Override default timeout.
2000-09-05 drepperIntensive test for POSIX barriers.
2000-08-24 ajInclude <stdlib.h> for abort prototype.
2000-08-24 ajInclude <string.h> for for strerror prototype.
2000-08-22 aj * Examples/ex13.c: New test by Kurt Garloff <garloff...
2000-08-16 drepperTest for pthread_exit.
2000-07-12 drepperInclude <sys/wait.h>, not <wait.h>.
2000-06-26 drepperTest program for timedout rwlock functions.
2000-06-26 drepperTest for pthread_mutex_timedlock.
2000-06-21 drepperTest for barrier functions.
2000-06-12 drepperTest result of pthread_join.
2000-05-28 drepperTest for pthread_atfork function.
2000-05-07 drepperTest program for exit code handling.
1998-12-14 drepperUnbuffer stdout and reduce sleep time to reduce overall...
1998-12-13 drepperWait until all threads are started before starting...
1998-07-13 drepperInclude <unistd.h> for usleep.
1998-07-13 drepper(main): Use exit, not pthread_exit.
1998-07-07 drepperTest to see whether resources get freed or not.
1998-07-07 drepperLittle changes to fix warnings.
1998-03-11 drepperLinuxThreads library.