Use __ASSEMBLER__ test macro not ASSEMBLER.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / linuxthreads / sysdeps / i386 / useldt.h
2002-07-25 drepperUse __ASSEMBLER__ test macro not ASSEMBLER.
2002-07-20 drepperProtect C code with #ifndef ASSEMBLER.
2002-04-08 drepper(INIT_THREAD_SELF): Use sizeof (struct _pthread_descr_s...
2001-07-22 drepperFix typo in ARCH_STACK_MAX_SIZE comment.
2001-04-21 drepperExtend all the macros to handle 8-byte values.
2000-08-05 drepperDefine FLOATING_STACKS and ARCH_STACK_MAX_SIZE.
2000-06-21 drepperInclude <stdlib.h>.
2000-05-05 drepper(THREAD_SELF): Adjust use of p_self.
2000-04-25 drepperUse "q" constraint instead of "r" where necessary.
1998-08-28 drepperFix typo. Add THREAD_GETMEM_NC and THREAD_SETMEM_NC...
1998-08-27 drepper(THREAD_GETMEM, THREAD_SETMEM): Use P modifier in asm...
1998-08-26 drepperDefinitions to use LDT to access thread descriptor.