[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / locale / categories.def
2003-11-16 drepperAdd entry for _NL_CTYPE_MAP_TO_NONASCII.
2002-08-31 roland2002-08-31 Roland McGrath <>
2002-02-13 drepperUpdate copyright.
2002-02-13 drepperFix typo.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-04-06 drepperAdd entries for new _NL_*_CODESET values.
2000-10-31 drepperAdd number of arguments to ctype-map-names and ctype...
2000-10-31 drepperMark wide char strings as wstring or stringarray.
2000-10-26 drepperNew support for date_fmt.
2000-07-25 drepper(_NL_CTYPE_CLASS_OFFSET, _NL_CTYPE_MAP_OFFSET): Define...
2000-07-22 drepperRemove remainders of transliteration hash table.
2000-06-29 drepperAdd entries for wide character decimal point and thousa...
2000-06-17 drepperAdd entries for new LC_CTYPE elements.
2000-06-17 drepperAdd entries for all LC_CTYPE values.
2000-05-24 drepperAdd entries for _NL_COLLATE_COLLSEQMB and _NL_COLLATE_C...
2000-05-21 drepperAdjust after last change to langinfo.h.
1999-12-31 drepperAdd appropriate entries for collate symbol table entries.
1999-12-30 drepperAdd appropriate entries for new collate constants.
1999-12-25 drepperAdd one more entry for the indirect table. Remove...
1999-12-24 drepperDefine elements for currently implemented functionality.
1999-12-20 drepperRemove most of the collate definitions.
1999-09-13 drepperUpdate after removal of byte-order oriented names.
1999-08-31 drepperAdd definitions for new categories.
1999-08-27 drepperUse __YESSTR amd __NOSTR in definition.
1999-06-16 drepperAdapt for introduction of more LC_TIME entries.
1997-05-07 drepperChange type of _NL_CTYPE_CLASS_NAMES and _NL_CTYPE_MAP_...
1997-02-15 drepperUpdate to 2.1.x development version libc-970218
1996-09-27 drepperupdate from main archive
1996-09-20 drepperupdate from main archive 960919
1996-08-08 drepperupdate from main archive 960807
1996-07-29 rolandMon Jul 29 02:46:23 1996 Ulrich Drepper <drepper...
1996-05-29 rolandTue May 28 04:38:10 1996 Ulrich Drepper <drepper...
1996-03-28 rolandSat Mar 23 17:52:49 1996 Ulrich Drepper <drepper...
1995-05-17 rolandMerged 1003.2 locale and localedef programs by Ulrich...
1995-03-10 roland(LC_CTYPE): Merge CLASS_EB and CLASS_EL into just CLASS.
1995-03-06 rolandNew file.