(add_to_readlist): Take locale pointer as extra parameter from which
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / locale / programs / ld-address.c
2000-06-24 drepper(iso3166): Correct length of string elements.
2000-06-24 drepper(iso639): Correct length of string elements.
2000-04-21 drepper(address_output): Align word fields properly.
2000-01-17 drepperChange call to handle_copy for interface change.
1999-12-26 drepperDon't emit message about not defined category if be_quiet.
1999-11-16 drepper(address_output): Fix output of country_num.
1999-10-06 drepperUndo last patch partly.
1999-10-06 drepper(STR_ELEM): Remove unnecessary comparisons with ignore_...
1999-09-13 drepperDon't generate output in both byte-orders.
1999-09-12 drepperFix handling of non-existing definitions for this categ...
1999-08-31 drepperCode to process LC_ADDRESS category definition.