Updated to fedora-glibc-20080703T1203
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / localedata / locales / fi_FI
2008-07-03 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20080703T1203 fedora-glibc-2_8_90-8
2007-02-21 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20070221T1011 fedora-glibc-2_5_90-18
2006-07-31 rolandUpdated to fedora-glibc-20060731T0706
2006-01-02 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20060102T2114 fedora-glibc-2_3_90-25
2005-10-20 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20051020T0651
2004-11-02 jakubUpdated to fedora-glibc-20041102T1153
2003-12-06 drepperAdd int_select. Use copy where possible.
2003-12-04 drepperAdd ISO 3166 information.
2003-11-26 drepperFirst weekday and workday is Monday in Finland.
2003-06-16 drepper[LC_TIME]: Correct month names to make the dates gramat...
2003-06-13 drepperAdd URL to a reference documenting Finish in Finland
2002-02-28 drepperEliminate old national currencies of countries particip...
2001-01-31 drepperRemove FIXME comments.
2000-10-26 drepperNew support for date_fmt.
2000-07-06 drepper(LC_TELEPHONE): Add int_prefix.
2000-06-29 drepperConvert to new format.
1999-12-19 drepperFix syntax of collation entries with multi-character...
1999-08-15 drepperRemove <ft> entry, add <St> entry.
1998-04-30 drepperAdd repertoiremap definition.
1998-03-24 drepperFix yesexpr/noexpr.
1998-01-25 drepperUse most recent localedata from glibc-2.0.91.
1997-03-05 drepperInitial revision