[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / localedata / tst-fmon.c
2004-01-01 drepper(main): Fix typo in message.
2003-12-05 drepperClean up output, unify capitalization and output order.
2003-06-16 drepper(main): Remove unused variable 'monval'.
2003-05-01 drepperReport name of locale if setlocale() fails.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2000-12-31 aj(main): Use return instead of exit to avoid warning.
2000-05-05 drepper(main): Print the locale name as well in the error...
1998-01-25 drepperUse most recent localedata from glibc-2.0.91.
1997-08-29 drepperstrfmon test program.