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[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / localedata /
2000-07-29 drepperFix typo in last change.
2000-07-29 drepperGenerate test7 locale.
2000-07-12 drepperRewrite to work with static only builds.
2000-07-04 drepper(LC_ALL): Define to C for localedef run.
2000-07-03 drepperSet LOCPATH and LANGUAGE for localedef run.
2000-06-26 drepperDon't use mnemonic.ds.
2000-06-25 drepperAdd more GCONV_PATH usages.
2000-01-25 drepperAlso enable test5.
2000-01-24 drepperEnable test for de_DE.437.
1998-04-30 drepperAdapt for most recent changes in localedef.
1998-04-29 drepperAdd comment for when multi-byte charsets in locales...
1998-02-17 drepperTake out the first test.
1998-02-16 drepperTest runs of localedata.