Don't allow linking with _obstack.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / malloc / obstack.c
2004-05-24 drepperDon't allow linking with _obstack.
2004-05-20 drepper(_obstack) [!defined _LIBC]: Remove; not used.
2004-01-28 drepperImport gnulib version.
2002-11-01 roland2002-10-30 Jakub Jelinek <>
2002-08-04 drepperRemove fputs macro.
2002-08-04 drepper(_obstack_newchunk): Add libc_hidden_def.
2001-10-26 drepper(_): Honor the setting of ENABLE_NLS. Otherwise, this...
2001-08-23 drepperIndent preprocessor directives.
2001-08-22 drepper(print_and_abort): Explain use of the string.
2001-08-21 drepper(print_and_abort): Use fprintf instead of two function...
2001-08-17 ajInclude wchar.h for prototypes.
2001-08-17 drepperHandle wide oriented stderr stream.
2001-07-16 drepperDefine __attribute__ for non-gcc compilers.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-04-21 aj * rt/aio_misc.c (handle_fildes_io): Add noreturn attri...
2000-11-10 drepper(obstack_grow, obstack_grow0): Rename the second
2000-10-24 drepper(_obstack_newchunk): Correctly align first returned...
2000-10-16 drepperAlways include <libintl.h> for glibc.
1999-01-23 drepperUnify messages.
1998-10-05 drepperEnhance comment about obstack_alloc_failed_handler...
1998-07-16 drepperFix warnings introduced in last change.
1998-07-16 drepperUnify names of used global functions.
1997-08-29 drepperAdd casts to keep very verbose compilers on 64bit machi...
1997-05-21 drepperInclude <config.h>. Include <stdlib.h> only if __GNU_L...
1996-12-22 drepperupdate from main archive 961220 libc-961229
1996-12-12 drepperupdate from main archive 961211 libc-961214
1996-12-08 drepperupdate from main archive 961207