Moved to math/w_lgammal.c.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / malloc /
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric morecore.c.
2005-12-07 drepperUse GPL, not LGPL.
2005-12-06 roland2005-11-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
2005-11-21 drepperRemove RCS ID line.
2005-11-07 roland2005-11-07 Roland McGrath <>
2005-11-06 drepper(munmap_chunk): Add sanity checks.
2005-10-14 drepperWork around for loser who want to bootstrap.
2005-10-14 drepperAdjust mremap wrapper for optional additional parameter.
2005-10-13 drepper(_int_free): Fail if block size is obviously wrong.
2005-10-12 drepper(_int_new_arena): Move definition ahead of arena_get2...
2005-10-12 drepper(struct malloc_state): Replace max_fast with flags...
2005-10-12 drepper(public_sET_STATe): Adjust set_max_fast use.
2005-10-10 drepper(ptmalloc_unlock_all2): Reset atfork_arena_ptr.
2005-09-30 drepper(dest): Fix a bunch of warnings on 32-bit arches.
2005-09-27 drepper(ptmalloc_lock_all): If global lock already taken by...
2005-09-27 drepper(tests): Add tst-mallocfork.
2005-09-27 drepperTest case for race in malloc atfork handler of parent.
2005-09-27 drepper(_int_realloc): Make error message clearer.
2005-09-12 roland2005-09-12 Roland McGrath <>
2005-09-12 drepper(struct malloc_chunk): Fix comment typo.
2005-08-20 drepperLink with
2005-08-20 drepperUse atomic operations for all counter and size computat...
2005-07-20 drepperAdjust all __fxprintf callers.
2005-07-19 drepperUse __fxprintf instead of inline stream orientation...
2005-04-27 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-mcheck.
2005-04-27 drepperTest of mcheck functionality.
2005-04-27 drepper(mem2chunk_check): Add magic_p argument, set *magic_p
2005-03-20 drepper(public_cALLOc): We cannot skip the memory clearing...
2005-03-19 drepper(_int_icalloc, _int_icomalloc, iALLOc, public_iCALLOc...
2005-03-19 drepper(public_mTRIm): nitialize malloc if not yet initialized.
2005-03-08 drepper(perturb_byte): New variable.
2005-03-08 drepperDefine M_PERTURB.
2005-03-08 drepper(ptmalloc_init): Recognize MALLOC_PERTURB_ and call...
2005-03-01 roland2005-03-01 Alfred M. Szmidt <>
2005-02-22 drepper(CFLAGS-mcheck-init.c): Add.
2005-02-21 drepper(malloc_printerr): If MALLOC_CHECK_={5,7}, print the...
2005-01-12 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2005-01-12 drepperAlways include features.h.
2005-01-07 drepper(malloc_printerr): Print program name as part of error...
2005-01-07 drepperAdd __wur and __attribute_warn_unused_result__ markers...
2004-12-15 drepper(install-bin): Remove memusage.
2004-12-14 drepper(mem2chunk_check, top_check): Handle non-contiguous...
2004-12-11 drepper(_int_realloc): Add checks for corrupted memory.
2004-12-11 drepper(_int_realloc): Remove unnecessary tests for oldmem...
2004-12-10 drepper(arena_get2): Prevent endless loop if arenas and list...
2004-12-10 drepper(public_rEALLOc): Add parameter checks.
2004-11-20 drepper(_int_malloc): Check for corruption of chunk which...
2004-11-19 drepper(_int_free): Correct tests in last checkin.
2004-11-19 drepper(_int_free): Add a few more cheap tests for corruption.
2004-11-13 drepper(malloc_state): stat_lock_* elements need only be defin...
2004-11-13 drepper(_int_free): Use munmap_chunk for handling mmaped memory.
2004-11-13 drepper(_int_free): Remove test for NULL parameter.
2004-11-13 drepper(malloc_printerr): Use __libc_message.
2004-10-30 drepper(_int_free): Use unique comments for the error cases.
2004-10-18 drepper(_dl_open_hook): Extern decl.
2004-10-14 drepperInclude <dlfcn.h>.
2004-10-14 drepper(ptmalloc_init): If libc is not in primary namespace...
2004-10-06 drepperInclude stdio-common/_itoa.h.
2004-10-04 drepperAvoid calling location unless it is needed for output.
2004-10-04 drepper(aligned_heap_area): New variable.
2004-10-01 drepper(public_vALLOc): Add missing use of hooks.
2004-09-28 drepper(ptmalloc_init): Allow MALLOC_CHECK_==0 to disable...
2004-09-23 drepper(malloc_printerr): Use syslog if writev failed.
2004-09-14 drepperRemove uses of __P and __PMT.
2004-09-10 dreppernt_free): Only do arena boundary check for contiguous...
2004-09-09 drepper(top_check): Print top chunk corruption as normal error...
2004-09-09 drepper(malloc_printerr): Don't make informational message...
2004-09-09 drepperAdjust malloc_printf_nc callers.
2004-09-09 drepper(_int_free): Add inexpensive double free and memory...
2004-09-09 drepper(_int_free): Add inexpensive double free test.
2004-09-08 roland2004-09-08 Roland McGrath <>
2004-09-08 drepperRemove __P uses.
2004-09-08 drepperRemove __MALLOC_P uses.
2004-09-08 drepperRemove __MALLOC_P uses.
2004-09-08 drepperRemove __P uses.
2004-09-08 drepperDon't define __THROW if it is already defined.
2004-08-21 drepper(DEFAULT_CHECK_ACTION): New definition. Change default...
2004-08-21 drepper(DEFAULT_CHECK_ACTION): Moved to malloc.c.
2004-08-13 drepperUse strong_alias instead of weak_alias wherever possible.
2004-08-10 drepperFix handling of very large sizes.
2004-08-10 drepper(me): Use creat64, not creat.
2004-06-29 drepperFix typo in last patch.
2004-06-29 drepper(obstack_base): Cast to `void *', to align with documen...
2004-05-26 drepper(_obstack_free, obstack_1grow, obstack_1grow_fast,
2004-05-24 drepperDon't allow linking with _obstack.
2004-05-20 drepper(_obstack) [!defined _LIBC]: Remove; not used.
2004-05-17 drepper(usage): Fix last change.
2004-05-17 drepperUpdate bug reporting instructions.
2004-03-19 drepper(__posix_memalign): Correct alignment check.
2004-03-05 drepperDon't call exported interface in the implementation.
2004-01-28 drepperImport gnulib version.
2004-01-01 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2003-12-17 drepper(__posix_memalign): If __memalign_hook != NULL, call...
2003-12-17 drepper(tr_old_memalign_hook): New variable.
2003-09-30 drepperRemove CFLAGS-malloc.c parameter addition, it is in
2003-09-30 drepperNot needed anymore.
2003-09-30 drepperInclude <malloc-machine.h> earlier instead of "thread...
2003-09-23 drepperInclude <stdint.h>.
2003-09-12 drepperBefore using IO stream mark stream so it uses only...
2003-09-08 drepper(sYSMALLOc): Move foreign sbrk accounting into contiguo...