(openlog): Describe possible problems with string passed as first parameter.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / argp.texi
2001-07-06 aj * manual/libc-texinfo.sh: Add note for the FDL.
2001-07-06 aj * manual/argp.texi: Remove ignored LGPL copyrig...
2001-06-29 drepperLots of cleanups.
2001-05-21 aj * manual/arpg.texi: Spelling, misc fixes.
2000-12-28 ajDocument argp_domain as part of struct argp.
2000-07-24 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Document order in which parsers...
2000-04-18 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Clarify arg_index situation a...
2000-04-15 drepperDescribe index parameter of argp_parse. Fix typo.
1999-08-27 drepperFixing language and types.
1998-06-15 drepperFix typos.
1998-06-11 drepperDon't use @w in @deftypefun lines.
1998-03-19 drepperAdjust for better TeX output.
1997-07-24 drepper(Argp Option Vectors): Use @minus, not @math, to format...
1997-07-06 drepper(Argp Option Vectors): Fix use of @math to make it...
1997-06-19 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Document ARGP_KEY_ARGS.
1997-06-05 drepperDocumentation of argp functions.