(Error Codes): Say that ENOTCONN is instead EDESTADDRREQ for connectionless
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / errno.texi
1994-10-16 roland(Error Codes): Say that ENOTCONN is instead EDESTADDRRE...
1994-10-16 roland(Error Codes): ENOBUFS means ENOMEM in GNU.
1994-10-16 roland(Checking for Errors): Mention EFAULT as result of...
1994-08-18 roland(Error Codes): Add EDIED (hurd only).
1993-12-28 rolandAdd two missing @end deftypevrs.
1993-11-18 rolandFixed typo.
1993-10-27 rolandAdded EBACKGROUND.
1993-10-18 rolandMisc fixes
1993-08-18 roland(program_invocation_name): Note that this isn't always...
1993-07-19 rolandAdded EGREGIOUS.
1993-06-21 rolandChanged all @example to @smallexample; misc changes...
1993-05-19 rmsDeal with EWOULDBLOCK vs EAGAIN.
1993-05-19 rolandFix typos.
1992-10-28 rolandAdded missing @end deftypevr.
1992-10-24 rmsExplain EMFILE wrt duplicate descriptors.
1992-10-24 rmsImprove discussion of errno.
1992-10-16 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-13 rmsAdd xref for EINTR. Correct meaning of ENODEV. Explai...
1992-09-23 rmsFix cross refs.
1992-05-27 melissafixed menu description
1992-05-24 rmsSay GNU system doesn't give EFAULT. Generalize ENAMETO...
1992-05-24 rmsAny system call can give you EFAULT.
1992-05-01 rolandFixed GNU extended error codes. Don't you dare change...
1992-04-21 rmsRemove adjacent file stdarg.texinfo.
1992-03-26 melissaupdated nodes
1992-02-15 rmsFix typos; move stray paragraph to Feature Test Macros.
1992-02-15 rmsAdd explicit node-pointers for sake of intro.texinfo.
1992-01-26 rmsFix cross references and overfull hboxes.
1992-01-12 rmsDefine program_invocation_name, program_invocation_shor...
1991-12-18 rmsfixed cross ref
1991-11-16 rolandFixed magic comments for libc errnos.
1991-11-16 rolandMoved comments after @deftypevrs to separate lines.
1991-11-14 rolandRemoved SysV IPC-related codes.
1991-11-14 rolandMinor corrections.
1991-08-29 sandra"GNU Library" => "GNU library", as per RMS.
1991-08-28 sandraChange @defvr to @deftypevr, identifying types of all...
1991-08-28 sandraFixed some formatting and indexing problems.
1991-08-22 sandraIncorporated review comments from RMS.
1991-08-09 sandraRemoved entries for error codes mib says are not used.
1991-08-08 sandraDecorate definitions with info about header file and...
1991-07-31 sandraInitial revision