(__copysignf): Switch to .text.
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2003-11-10 roland2003-11-09 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-10-06 drepperFix warnings. Better error message for missing -c...
2002-11-04 drepperDon't include <stddef.h>.
2002-11-04 drepperInclude <errno.h> for TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY.
2002-03-12 drepperInclude <string.h> as well.
2002-02-03 drepper(make_named_socket): Make sure name is always NUL-termi...
2001-11-05 drepperFix typos.
2001-07-24 aj(main): Fix which options take arguments.
2001-05-27 drepperUse perror() rather than puts().
2001-04-08 drepperExample for SysV context handling functions.
2001-01-17 drepperExample for backtrace() functions.
2001-01-07 drepperMake the "struct option" a little
2000-08-02 drepperCorrect error messages. Test pclose return value.
2000-04-22 drepperInclude <unistd.h>.
2000-04-22 drepper(mount_opts): Add missing terminating entry.
2000-02-29 drepperExample in crypt documentation.
2000-02-22 drepperFix typos.
1999-10-01 drepperClose other end of pipe to make example work.
1998-12-31 drepperAdjust example for changes in printf in gibc 2.0.
1998-09-01 drepperAdd more comments.
1998-04-09 drepper(main): Remove filename first.
1998-04-09 drepper(make_named_socket): Use PF_LOCAL instead of PF_UNIX.
1998-04-09 drepper(main): Use AF_LOCAL instead of AF_UNIX.
1998-04-05 drepper(make_named_socket): Use AF_LOCAL instead of AF_FILE.
1998-03-30 drepper(make_socket): Use uint16_t for port.
1998-03-30 drepper(make_named_socket): Removed blank lines for clarification.
1998-03-30 drepperUse uint16_t.
1998-03-30 drepper(main): Change prototype of make_socket following chang...
1998-03-30 drepper(SERVERHOST): Use mescaline.gnu.org as example host.
1998-03-19 drepperAdjust for better TeX output.
1997-06-05 drepperExample for argp documentation. libc-ud-970604f
1997-05-24 drepperExample program for fmtmsg documentation.
1997-03-10 drepperExample for scandir and alphasort function.
1997-01-22 drepperupdate from main archive 970121
1996-11-15 drepperupdate from main archive 961114
1996-08-15 drepperupdate from main archive 960814
1996-07-14 rolandFri Jul 12 23:58:37 1996 Ulrich Drepper <drepper...
1996-06-07 rolandShould never have been in CVS
1996-05-15 rolandWed May 15 18:59:38 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@delas...
1994-12-08 rolandAdd some @groups.
1994-10-11 roland(main): Surround printed strings with `...' so output...
1994-10-05 roland(main): Break up a line to avoid overfull hbox.
1994-02-14 roland(main): Remove local STATUS. Remember result of accept...
1993-08-30 rolandMisc fixes.
1993-08-30 rolandentered into RCS
1993-08-30 rolandUse puts, not printf.
1993-08-30 rolandInclude <stdio.h>. Declare BUFFER. Use puts in place...
1993-06-21 rolandBreak lines to fix formatting problems.
1993-06-21 rolandBreak line to fix formatting problems.
1993-06-21 rolandBreak line to fix formatting problems.
1993-06-21 rolandBreak line to fix formatting problems.
1993-05-28 rolandChange bogus variable SERVERHOST to HOSTNAME.
1993-01-08 rmsBreak a line in `connect' call, to avoid mysterious...
1993-01-05 rmsFix overfull hbox.
1992-12-27 rmsFix args of offsetof, and add comment about it.
1992-11-10 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-10 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-10 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-10 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-09 rolandFixed usage of args.
1992-11-09 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-09 rolandInitial revision
1992-11-09 roland#include <stddef.h> for offsetof.
1992-11-09 rolandInitial revision
1992-10-20 rolandmisc cleanups
1992-10-20 rolandUse the glorious += operator.
1992-10-20 rolandPrint gecos info.
1992-10-20 roland(main): Return int, not void; return instead of exit.
1992-10-20 rolandInitial revision
1992-10-20 rolandmisc cleanups
1992-10-20 rolandmisc cleanups
1992-10-19 rolandAdd @group...@end group where needed.
1992-10-19 roland(do_stuff): Use puts, not printf.
1992-10-19 roland(main): Use puts for a constant rather than printf.
1992-10-19 rolandAdd @group...@end group.
1992-10-19 rolandmisc cleanups
1992-10-19 rolandPut @code around `stdout' in comment.
1992-10-19 roland(main): Add @group...@end group around pipe call and...
1992-10-19 rolandPut @group...@end group around block of #include lines.
1992-10-19 rolandInitial revision
1992-10-19 rolandmisc cleanups.
1992-10-19 roland(main): Return int (0), not void.
1992-10-16 rolandInitial revision
1992-05-19 rmsInitial revision
1992-05-19 rolandMerged RMS's changes (set opterr to zero; check for...
1992-05-07 rolandInitial revision