(grow_heap): When growing bail even if new_size is negative.
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2002-12-10 roland2002-12-10 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2001-08-28 aj * manual/libc-texinfo.sh: Add entry about free manuals.
2001-07-06 aj * manual/libc-texinfo.sh: Add note for the FDL.
2001-07-06 aj * manual/argp.texi: Remove ignored LGPL copyrig...
1999-01-18 drepperUse tsort.awk.
1999-01-07 drepperAlso find `@node.*Top' in a comment.
1998-07-17 drepperCleaned up to use less temporary files.
1998-07-13 drepperScript to generate chapters.texi and top-menu.texi.