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1993-02-19 rolandUpdate edition to 0.01.
1993-01-18 rolandUse @set/@value for EDITION, VERSION, and UPDATED.
1993-01-18 rolandCleaned up menu.
1993-01-16 rmsFix typos.
1992-10-26 rmsNonstandard Signals renamed from Other Signals.
1992-10-16 rolandUse lgpl.texinfo, not copying.texinfo. Include nodes...
1992-10-11 rmsUpdate subnode names in memory chapter.
1992-09-23 rmsFix the extended menu.
1992-05-27 rmsFix node pointer for new Pattern Matching chapter.
1992-05-19 rmsHandle splitting of process.texinfo into startup.texinf...
1992-05-14 melissashortened node names
1992-05-11 melissaupdated nodes
1992-05-11 melissawrote line "@include copying.texinfo" into file to...
1992-04-21 rmsFile lang.texinfo replaces several older files.
1992-03-26 melissaupdated nodes and xrefs; took out index node lines...
1992-03-25 melissaYet Another trivial experiment.
1992-03-25 melissaTrivial change for experiment.
1992-03-22 rolandFixed @include of arith.texinfo.
1992-03-20 melissadon't know.
1992-03-16 rmsInclude users.texinfo, not database.texinfo.
1992-02-15 rmsTurn on lgpl-appendix flag.
1992-02-15 rmsFix menu. Use @top for main node.
1992-02-15 rmsPut @node top next to @chapter, inside conditional.
1992-02-10 rolandDon't use absolute file name for texinfo.tex.
1992-01-11 rolandUpdated copyright years.
1991-11-12 rolandMinimal tweaks to get it to print.
1991-08-30 sandraClean up the title page.
1991-08-29 sandra"GNU Library" => "GNU library", as per RMS.
1991-08-26 sandraRename appendix A.
1991-08-26 sandraRearrange order of some files.
1991-08-09 sandraAdd @include for conf.texinfo
1991-08-05 sandraAdd RMS to authors.
1991-07-31 sandraInitial revision