Thu Jan 18 00:32:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
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1994-12-24 rolandMiscellaneous edits.
1994-11-04 roland(Open-time Flags): Fix some xrefs.
1994-10-26 roland(Open-time Flags): Say POSIX.1 requires write access...
1994-10-25 roland(File Status Flags): Rewritten.
1994-10-24 rolandRemoved useless comments.
1994-10-14 roland(Interrupt Input): Fix xref.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-11 roland(write): Fix typo.
1994-10-06 roland(Waiting for I/O): Mention use on server sockets for...
1994-10-05 rolandReplace underscores with dashes inside @var.
1993-06-21 rolandChanged all @example to @smallexample; misc changes...
1993-06-10 rolandIn @deftp for `struct flock', flavor is `Data Type...
1993-05-29 rmsClean up wording about which channels need to be cleaned.
1993-05-28 rolandAdd arg type to fclean prototype.
1993-05-28 rolandMisc cleanups, mostly typos.
1993-02-19 rolandnon-zero => nonzero
1992-12-29 rmsAdd missing @comment's.
1992-10-26 rmsImproveClarify FD_SETSIZE.
1992-10-24 rmsComment changes
1992-10-20 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-16 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-13 rmsExplain advantages of descriptors.
1992-09-23 rmsFix cross refs.
1992-05-24 rmsFix typo in table of open error codes.
1992-05-20 melissaindented menu descriptions correctly
1992-05-14 melissashortened node names
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1991-12-18 rmsfixed overfull hbox
1991-12-18 rmsmisc edits
1991-12-03 rmsmiscellaneous edits
1991-08-29 sandraFixed up indexing commands.
1991-08-28 sandraChange @defvr to @deftypevr, identifying types of all...
1991-08-28 sandraFixed some formatting and indexing problems.
1991-08-28 sandra Fixed some formatting problems.
1991-08-26 sandraIncorporate review comments from rms.
1991-08-22 sandraAdd section on select().
1991-08-09 sandra Decorated definitions with info about header file...
1991-08-05 sandracross-references to new job control stuff.
1991-07-31 sandraInitial revision