(i[34]86sol2): New abbrev for i[34]86-unknown-solaris2.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / maint.texi
1992-10-08 rolandClarified text wrt stdarg.h and stddef.h.
1992-10-06 rolandAdded example of size_t frobnication in configparms.
1992-10-06 rolandAdded missing @ before `samp{...}'.
1992-10-06 roland(Installation): Added note about size_t lossage in...
1992-10-01 rolandAdded paragraph explaining extra stddef.h and stdarg...
1992-09-24 roland(Contributors): Say that decstation port is for ultrix 4.
1992-09-23 rmsFix node refs. Comment out Traditional C menu item.
1992-09-23 rmsPut @c before @node cmd of ignored Traditional C node.
1992-07-28 rolandUltrix 4.2 => 4.n
1992-07-27 rolandChanged bug reporting address from bug-gnu-utils to...
1992-07-27 rolandAdd i386-{bsd4.3,sysv,sysv4} to list of supported confi...
1992-06-04 rolandCredit taylor for ftw.
1992-05-26 rolandCredit mike for merge sort; change schmidt credit for...
1992-05-26 rmsFix configuration list and configure options.
1992-05-26 rolandThe supported Ultrix version is 4.2.
1992-05-25 rmsNode renamed to Traditional C, then commented out.
1992-05-22 rolandRemoved paragraph about needing to use different header...
1992-05-20 melissaindented menu descriptions correctly
1992-05-15 rolandRenamed node `GNU C Library Contributors' to just ...
1992-05-14 melissano changes
1992-04-30 rolandCredit for pmax port.
1992-04-30 rolandDocument MACHINE/fpu.
1992-04-30 rolandChanged sysdeps example to use vax instead of hp9k3bsd...
1992-04-09 rolandUse proper accents on tege's name.
1992-04-07 rolandCredit djm for tar.h.
1992-03-26 melissaupdated nodes and xrefs.
1992-03-20 melissadon't know
1992-03-08 roland-D__GNU_STAB__ is now -DHAVE_GNU_LD
1992-02-18 rolandDon't say configure with no args lists machines (since...
1992-02-18 rolandFixed typos.
1992-02-17 rolandClarified $(ARCH)/Makeconfig usage.
1992-02-16 rolandUpdated installation instructions.
1992-02-15 rmsMinor cleanup.
1991-08-30 sandraClean up and fill in a couple more sections.
1991-08-29 sandraFixed up indexing commands.
1991-08-29 sandra"GNU Library" => "GNU library", as per RMS.
1991-08-26 sandraIncorporate review comments from RMS.
1991-07-31 sandraInitial revision