(_hurd_sig_post): __sig_post renamed to __msg_sig_post.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / process.texi
1994-12-24 rolandMiscellaneous edits.
1994-10-20 roland(Process Completion): Move wait4 here from BSD compat...
1994-10-17 roland(Creating a Process): Mention RLIMIT_NPROC with EAGAIN.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-05 roland(Child Processes): Fix typo in Next node name.
1994-10-05 rolandReplace underscores with dashes inside @var.
1993-08-18 rolandIn execv, mention argv[0] convention.
1993-06-29 rolandRestore correct number of newlines after @items.
1993-06-25 mycroftRemove some extraneous spaces after @items.
1993-06-21 rolandChanged all @example to @smallexample; misc changes...
1993-02-19 rolandnon-zero => nonzero
1993-02-02 rolandFixed typo.
1993-01-05 rmsFix overfull hboxes.
1992-10-26 rmsClarify E2BIG.
1992-10-20 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-13 rmsRemove some incompletes. Add xrefs.
1992-09-23 rmsFix menu and cross refs. Add origin comments to `wait'.
1992-05-27 melissaedited menu descriptions correctly
1992-05-19 rmsInitial revision