(_hurd_sig_post): __sig_post renamed to __msg_sig_post.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / summary.awk
1993-06-25 rolandRestore correct number of newlines after @item.
1993-06-24 mycroftOnly one newline after @item in summary.texi.
1993-06-21 rolandRecognize a header of ``(none)'' and omit the header...
1993-06-14 rolandPrint a blank line (actually, a formfeed) after each...
1993-01-16 rmsHandle single word in braces.
1992-11-12 roland(BEGIN): Print comments saying summary.texinfo is a...
1992-03-20 melissadon't know
1992-02-15 rmsInitial revision