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1993-01-19 rmsEliminate spurious braces.
1993-01-16 rmsGet rid of explicit node pointers.
1993-01-16 rmsFix typos.
1993-01-05 rmsFinish typos.
1993-01-05 rmsFix typo.
1992-12-26 rms(Limits on Resources): New node.
1992-10-20 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-16 rolandMiscellaneous corrections after 1st proofreading.
1992-10-13 rmsAdd node Usage Measurements
1992-05-24 rmsImprove EPERM description in settimeofday.
1992-05-20 melissaindented menu descriptions correctly
1992-05-14 melissashortened node names
1992-05-06 rolandCleaned up code in examples.
1992-04-21 rmsDescribe why gmtime returns null pointer.
1992-04-19 rmsDefine tm_gmtoff and tm_zone fields.
1992-03-31 rmsClean up sleep/SIGALRM interaction.
1992-03-26 melissaupdated nodes and xrefs.
1992-02-15 rmsMisc. edits.
1991-08-29 sandraFixed up indexing commands.
1991-08-29 sandra"GNU Library" => "GNU library", as per RMS.
1991-08-28 sandraChange @defvr to @deftypevr, identifying types of all...
1991-08-28 sandraFixed some formatting and indexing problems.
1991-08-28 sandra Fixed some formatting problems.
1991-08-26 sandraIncorporate review comments from rms.
1991-08-08 sandraDecorate definitions with info about header file and...
1991-07-31 sandraInitial revision