Thu Jan 18 00:32:43 1996 Roland McGrath <>
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1996-01-04 meyeringReverse order of arguments in getgroups call (in exampl... libc-960106
1995-10-06 rolandFri Sep 29 03:43:51 1995 Paul Eggert <eggert@twinsun...
1995-09-26 rolandUpdated credits for drepper.
1995-09-22 rolandFix typo.
1995-09-21 roland(infodir, prefix, INSTALL, INSTALL_DATA): Variables...
1995-09-19 rolandChanges from Paul Eggert:
1995-05-27 roland.
1995-05-23 rolandCopyright years updated.
1995-04-10 roland(chapters-incl): Filter out summary.texi.
1995-03-29 roland.
1995-03-10 roland(Conversion Specifier Options): Use %A as example inste...
1995-02-24 rolandFixed swapped args in memalign description.
1995-02-21 rolandInitial revision
1995-02-18 rolandYou just guess.
1995-02-18 rolandPreviously uncontrolled files put into CVS.
1995-02-17 rolandCreated
1995-02-11 roland(Integer Conversions): Document ' flag.
1994-12-24 rolandReformat paragraph to avoid overfull hbox. edition_0_06
1994-12-24 rolandReformat paragraph to avoid overfull hbox.
1994-12-24 rolandRemove DRAFT from edition, update last updated date.
1994-12-24 rolandMiscellaneous edits.
1994-12-24 rolandMiscellaneous edits.
1994-12-08 rolandAdd some @groups.
1994-12-08 roland(Hooks for Malloc): In example, protect printf from...
1994-11-15 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-11-15 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-11-07 roland(Installation): Update list of supported configurations.
1994-11-04 roland(Open-time Flags): Fix some xrefs.
1994-11-04 roland(stamp-summary): Depend on $(chapters-incl) too.
1994-10-26 rolandChange all size_t uses to int in obstack sections. mib-28oct94
1994-10-26 roland(Non-Local Exits and Signals): Remove old !!! comment.
1994-10-26 roland(Open-time Flags): Say POSIX.1 requires write access...
1994-10-26 roland3 args to main is not POSIX.1.
1994-10-26 rolandUpdate CIGNORE and TCSASOFT doc.
1994-10-25 roland(Feature Test Macros): Node moved off to creature.texi.
1994-10-25 rolandInitial revision
1994-10-25 roland(indices): New variable; include ky.
1994-10-25 roland(File Status Flags): Rewritten.
1994-10-24 roland(Priority): Fix up setpriority slightly.
1994-10-24 rolandUpdate menu.
1994-10-24 rolandFix xrefs.
1994-10-24 rolandFix xrefs.
1994-10-24 roland(Low-Level Terminal Interface): Fix node name.
1994-10-24 rolandEnhanced description of ITIMER_PROF.
1994-10-24 rolandRemoved useless comments.
1994-10-24 rolandRemoved useless comments.
1994-10-21 rolandFix up flag bit descriptions.
1994-10-21 roland(Setting Modes): Break up grouping in example.
1994-10-21 roland(Local Modes): Say LNEXT enables DISCARD too.
1994-10-21 roland(Error Codes): Add EFTYPE.
1994-10-21 roland(Permission Bits): Fix xref.
1994-10-21 rolandSticky update.
1994-10-20 rolandDocument %q, %ll modifiers.
1994-10-20 rolandMerged BSD editting chars into Editting Characters.
1994-10-20 rolandMention gcc -Wformat and attribute syntax.
1994-10-20 roland(Error Codes): EAGAIN rewritten.
1994-10-20 roland(Process Completion): Move wait4 here from BSD compat...
1994-10-20 rolandRearranged BSD sections, moved sigstacks out of BSD...
1994-10-20 roland(Consistency Checking): Document assert_perror.
1994-10-19 roland(Directory Entries): Comment out xref to sockets sectio...
1994-10-19 roland(Top): Update menu.
1994-10-19 rolandFix typos.
1994-10-18 roland(Error Codes): Fix EDESTADDRREQ description.
1994-10-18 rolandAdd ISBN number.
1994-10-18 roland(Noncanonical Input): Fix MIN and TIME descriptions.
1994-10-17 roland(General Limits): OPEN_MAX and CHILD_MAX xref rlimits.
1994-10-17 roland(Opening Streams): In FOPEN_MAX, xref OPEN_MAX and...
1994-10-17 roland(Resource Usage): Rewrite struct rusage member descript...
1994-10-17 roland(Creating a Process): Mention RLIMIT_NPROC with EAGAIN.
1994-10-17 roland(Operation Error Signals): Fix xrefs.
1994-10-17 roland(Standard Signals): Update menu.
1994-10-17 roland(TZ Variable): Document zoneinfo database.
1994-10-16 roland(Job Control Signals): In GNU, orphans getting stop...
1994-10-16 roland(Non-Local Exits and Signals): Add not to check siglong...
1994-10-16 roland(Start/Stop Characters): If IXANY, resuming char is...
1994-10-16 rolandSay MAX_INPUT and MAX_CANON are minimum maxima.
1994-10-16 roland(Array Sort Function): Say stabilizing can make qsort...
1994-10-16 roland(Error Codes): Say that ENOTCONN is instead EDESTADDRRE...
1994-10-16 roland(Error Codes): ENOBUFS means ENOMEM in GNU.
1994-10-16 roland(Checking for Errors): Mention EFAULT as result of...
1994-10-14 rolandFix xrefs. jems-14oct94
1994-10-14 roland(Interrupt Input): Fix xref.
1994-10-14 roland(Directory Entries): Fix xref.
1994-10-14 roland(Kinds of Signals): Fix xref.
1994-10-14 roland(Job Control): Omit next, prev, up.
1994-10-14 roland(Signaling Another Process): Fix xref.
1994-10-14 roland(Top): Rename `Child Processes' to `Processes' in menu.
1994-10-14 roland(Process Startup): Omit next, prev, up.
1994-10-14 rolandchild.texi renamed to process.texi.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 roland(User Database): Fix typo.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.
1994-10-14 roland(Pipe Atomicity): Mention writing might block after...
1994-10-14 rolandMisc changes suggested by mib.