Add missing categories.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual /
2001-07-31 drepper(Formatted Input Basics): Add missing first argument...
2001-07-24 aj(main): Fix which options take arguments.
2001-07-23 drepperAdd @comment lines before @deftypefun ioctl.
2001-07-19 drepper(Floating Point Classes): Remove infnan description.
2001-07-19 drepper(Normalization Functions): Remove duplicated descriptio...
2001-07-19 ajDon't print header completly in CAPS.
2001-07-19 drepperAdd html goal.
2001-07-19 drepperSmall cleanups to make makeinfo happy.
2001-07-19 drepperRemove duplicate @set.
2001-07-06 aj * manual/ Add note for the FDL.
2001-07-06 ajPut into extra appendices.
2001-07-06 ajAdd fdl, update titlepage.
2001-07-06 aj(Host Names): Improve grammar, fix overflow hbox.
2001-07-06 aj(texis): Add fdl.texi.
2001-07-06 ajThe GNU Free Documentation License.
2001-07-06 ajFix last patch.
2001-07-06 aj(texis): Follow rename of lgpl.texinfo.
2001-07-06 ajUse LGPL v2.1.
2001-07-06 aj * manual/lesser.texi: Renamed from manual/lgpl...
2001-07-06 aj * manual/argp.texi: Remove ignored LGPL copyrig...
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-06-29 drepperLots of cleanups.
2001-06-29 drepper(Setting Groups): Correct initgroups documentation...
2001-06-17 drepperWrite Shift_JIS, not Shift-JIS.
2001-06-06 aj(Memory-mapped I/O): Clarify that mapping is to offset...
2001-06-06 aj(Portable Positioning): Fix description of fpos_t and...
2001-06-05 ajCorrect setpriority/nice documentation.
2001-06-05 aj(parse_ulps): Fix typo.
2001-05-27 aj(String Streams): Fix fmemopen description.
2001-05-27 drepperUse perror() rather than puts().
2001-05-27 drepperMinor fix.
2001-05-21 aj * manual/arpg.texi: Spelling, misc fixes.
2001-05-18 ajCorrect close statement.
2001-05-16 ajMany grammar and typo fixes to the section on AIO.
2001-05-14 aj(Linux): Clarify that Linux 2.2 is minimal requirement.
2001-04-25 drepper(iconv Examples): Correct destination charset for file2...
2001-04-22 drepper(Formatted Output Functions): Fix description of snprintf.
2001-04-19 aj(Tools for Compilation): Mention gettext 0.10.36.
2001-04-10 drepperCorrect @comment with include name.
2001-04-10 drepperCorrect description of _unlocked functions.
2001-04-09 drepper(Simple Output): Fix typo in function name.
2001-04-09 drepperAdd missing {} around type.
2001-04-09 drepper(Query Memory Parameters): Add mising {} around type.
2001-04-09 drepperUse @ifnottex instead of @ifinfo where needed.
2001-04-09 drepper(BSD Random): Document _r variants.
2001-04-09 drepper(Supported Configurations): Mention Linux/CRIS port.
2001-04-09 drepper(Symbolic Links): Say where realpath is declared.
2001-04-09 drepper(Symbolic Links): Document MAXSYMLINKS, canonicalize_fi...
2001-04-08 drepper(Signal Stack): XPG define stack_t and not struct sigal...
2001-04-08 drepper(System V contexts): Add cross-reference to Signal...
2001-04-08 drepperExample for SysV context handling functions.
2001-04-08 drepper(System V contexts): New section documenting the SysV...
2001-04-08 drepperAdd comment indicating header and origin to mman functions.
2001-04-03 drepper(Advanced gettext functions): More specific syntax...
2001-03-27 aj * manual/install.texi (Tools for Compilation): Advise...
2001-03-19 drepper(SVID Random): Mention header the functions are declare...
2001-03-19 drepper(install): Use $(INSTALL_DATA) instead of cp to install...
2001-03-15 drepper(Wildcard Matching): Document FNM_EXTMATCH.
2001-03-07 aj(Integers): Fix documentation of fast and least integer...
2001-03-05 drepperFix type of parameter for S_TYPEISMQ, S_TYPEISSEM,...
2001-02-13 drepperImprove wording slightly.
2001-02-13 drepperRemove outdated references to crypt add-on.
2001-02-12 drepperImproved the wording.
2001-02-12 aj(Streams and I18N): Fix typos.
2001-02-12 drepperDocument glob64_t, glob64, and globfree64.
2001-02-12 drepperDocument wide character stream functions.
2001-02-12 aj(Parsing of Integers): Fix some wordings.
2001-02-11 drepper(Getopt Long Options): Document getopt_long_only.
2001-02-11 drepper(Working Directory): Make getwd as deprecated in the...
2001-02-11 drepper(Working Directory): Document get_current_dir_name.
2001-02-11 drepperDocument get_nprocs_conf, get_nprocs, get_phys_pages...
2001-02-11 drepper(syslog; vsyslog): Use va_list not __gnuc_va_list.
2001-02-11 drepperCorrect a few typos.
2001-02-11 drepper(Directory Entries): Various cleanups and clarifications.
2001-02-11 drepper(Working Directory): Document fchdir.
2001-02-11 drepper(Opening a Directory): Document dirfd.
2001-02-11 drepperRemove load average documentation here.
2001-02-11 drepper(Processor Resources): Document getloadavg here.
2001-02-11 aj(Memory Resources): Fix typo.
2001-02-11 drepper(Currency Symbol): Add INT_ constants and CODESET:
2001-02-11 drepper(DES Encryption): Pretty printing.
2001-02-11 drepper(DES Encryption): Move DES_ and DESERR_ constants from...
2001-02-11 drepper(Setting an Alarm): Move ITIMER_ macros from function...
2001-02-11 drepper(NSS Modules Interface): Don't add NSS_STATUS_* constan...
2001-02-11 drepperAdd reference to getpagesize.
2001-02-11 drepperDocument mmap64.
2001-02-11 drepperAdd _SC_* constants as variables. Add more _PC_* values.
2001-02-11 drepperFix typos.
2001-02-11 drepperDocument wcsto* functions.
2001-02-11 drepperRemove references to add-on and France is less restrictive.
2001-02-11 drepperMinor additions.
2001-02-11 drepperDocument wide character string functions.
2001-02-10 drepper(Basic Scheduling Functions): Fix typo.
2001-02-10 aj(Search Functions): Fix typo.
2001-02-10 drepper(Search Functions): Document rawmemchr.
2001-02-10 drepper(Host Identification): Fix typo.
2001-02-10 drepper(Basic Scheduling Functions): Fix typo.
2001-02-09 drepperCorrect node structure in Filesystem Handling section.
2001-02-09 drepperUse ifnottex and not ifinfo to protect Top node definition.
2001-02-09 drepper(Controlling Buffering): Fix grammar.