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1999-06-15 drepper(Limits on Resources): Describe RLIMIT_AS.
1999-06-08 drepper(Contributors): Remove copyright clause for BSD copyright.
1999-06-07 drepper(Floating Point Parameters): GCC already supports long...
1999-06-06 drepper(Running make install): Correct typo in dynamic linker...
1999-06-01 drepperUpdate from official version.
1999-06-01 drepper(Low-Level I/O): Remove menu entry for removed section.
1999-05-30 drepperFox some typos.
1999-05-29 drepper(File Size): Extend (f)truncate description.
1999-05-29 drepperRemove section on file truncation. It's described...
1999-05-29 drepper(Formatted Output Functions): Mention semantics of...
1999-05-27 drepper(Tools for Compilation): Mention alpha.gnu.org for...
1999-05-27 drepper(Host Names): Remove statement that h_errno needs to...
1999-05-05 drepper(Actions in the NSS configuration): Spell fix.
1999-04-26 drepper(Configuring and compiling): Explain that files are...
1999-04-26 drepper(Attribute Meanings): Move a misplaced paragraph.
1999-04-19 drepper(Utility Limits): Remove duplicate description of BC_DI...
1999-04-10 drepper(Configuring and compiling): Comment out description of
1999-04-08 schwab(Reporting Bugs): Add section about reported
1999-03-29 schwab(Temporary Files): mktemp and mkstemp are
1999-03-19 schwab1999-03-16 Andreas Jaeger <aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de> libc-as-990319
1999-03-15 drepper(Pseudo-Terminal Pairs): Change getpt and openpty docum...
1999-03-15 drepperUndo last change for now.
1999-03-14 drepper(File Position Primitive): Move `@end table' to beginni...
1999-03-10 drepperFix typos.
1999-03-10 drepper(Tools for Compilation): Update compiler info.
1999-03-08 drepper(Open-time Flags): Clarify that O_SHLOCK and O_EXLOCK...
1999-03-08 drepperExplain libc5 update correctly.
1999-03-08 drepper(Termination in Handler): Correct example. Install...
1999-03-07 drepper(Tools for Compilation): Update required texinfo version.
1999-03-06 drepperUpdate.
1999-03-02 drepper(High-Resolution Calendar): Correct computation in...
1999-03-01 drepperWrap @top node inside @ifnottex instead of @ifinfo.
1999-02-16 drepper(Running make install): Remove reference to nscd/README.
1999-02-15 drepper(Non-Local Exits and Signals): Fix typo.
1999-02-15 drepper(Waiting for I/O): Add missing `not' in select document...
1999-02-07 drepperDocument _Exit.
1999-02-07 drepperDocument imaxabs, imaxdiv_t, and imaxdiv.
1999-02-03 drepperCompiler news updates.
1999-02-03 drepper(General Time String Parsing): Fix typos. Fix column...
1999-02-01 drepper(Configuring and compiling): Building in the source...
1999-02-01 drepperUpdate from last public release.
1999-01-28 drepper(Socket Concepts): Improve wording a bit.
1999-01-27 drepper(Low-Level Time String Parsing): Rephrase strptime...
1999-01-27 drepper(Search Functions): Fix typos.
1999-01-27 drepperAdd optimization examples for strcat and strchr.
1999-01-24 drepperUpdate from latest official version.
1999-01-24 drepper(Running make install): Change for Linux 2.2.
1999-01-24 drepper(Creating a Process): Fix typos.
1999-01-22 drepper(Using Wide Char Classes): Add comma.
1999-01-22 drepper(Converting Strings): @xref -> @pxref.
1999-01-21 roland(Error Codes): Fix ENOSYS description. Add ENOTSUP.
1999-01-19 drepperRename nextafterx to nexttoward.
1999-01-18 drepperFix cross refs and typos.
1999-01-18 drepperFix cross refs and typos.
1999-01-18 drepperThese files will be generated on the fly now.
1999-01-18 drepper(minimal-dist): Add tsort.awk.
1999-01-18 drepperUse tsort.awk.
1999-01-18 drepperLimited tsort replacement.
1999-01-15 drepperMore spelling fixes. Clarify mbsinit example.
1999-01-15 drepperFix misspellings.
1999-01-14 drepperSuperceded by charset.texi.
1999-01-14 drepper(examples): Filter out the example code from add-ons.
1999-01-13 drepper(NSS Modules Interface): Describe requirements on ...
1999-01-13 drepperMore editing.
1999-01-13 drepperRegenerated.
1999-01-12 drepperAdd many corrections from Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz@cygnus...
1999-01-12 drepper(Precision Time): Improve wording a bit.
1999-01-12 drepperFix some typos.
1999-01-11 drepper(Wide Character Case Conversion): Add example implement...
1999-01-11 drepperRegenerated.
1999-01-11 drepperRegenerated.
1999-01-11 drepperFix @node line for new charset chapter.
1999-01-11 drepperFix reference to mbyte chapter.
1999-01-11 drepper(savestring): Optimize code to give a good example.
1999-01-11 drepperFix reference to mbyte chapter.
1999-01-11 drepper(UPDATED): Updated. Also update copyright years.
1999-01-11 drepperFix reference to mbyte chapter.
1999-01-11 drepperFix reference to mbyte chapter.
1999-01-11 drepperFix wording.
1999-01-11 drepperDocument wide character functions.
1999-01-11 drepperRegenerated.
1999-01-11 drepper(chapters): Replace mbyte by charset.
1999-01-11 drepperDocumentation of character set conversion functions.
1999-01-08 drepper(stamp-summary): Remove space after -t option for compa...
1999-01-08 drepper(Comparison Functions): Fix compare_doubles example.
1999-01-07 drepper(Precision Time): Update ntp_adjtime documentation.
1999-01-07 drepper(Precision Time): Add documentation for ntp_gettime...
1999-01-07 drepperRegenerated.
1999-01-07 drepperFix typo.
1999-01-07 drepperAlso find `@node.*Top' in a comment.
1999-01-07 drepperRemove pointers from first @node. Move old @node spec...
1998-12-31 drepperAdjust example for changes in printf in gibc 2.0.
1998-12-23 drepperUnify messages and correct typos.
1998-12-19 drepper(General Time String Parsing): Fix typos.
1998-12-18 drepper(General Time String Parsing): Document getdate_r.
1998-12-18 drepperAdd warning about getdate in SUID programs.
1998-12-18 drepperUpdate to latest version.
1998-12-17 drepperFix a few typos.
1998-12-17 drepperUpdate date and version of the manual.
1998-12-15 drepperRegenerated.