(__attribute_format_strfmon__): Define.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual /
2000-12-28 ajDocument argp_domain as part of struct argp.
2000-12-28 ajFix typo in description of WCHAR_MAX.
2000-12-25 drepper(Extended Char Intro): Fix typo in ISO 6937 description.
2000-12-25 drepper(Dynamic Output): Document the return value of asprintf...
2000-12-19 drepperAdd Estonian to plural overview list.
2000-12-13 aj(Converting a Character): Fix mbstouwcs program to...
2000-12-13 aj(Using gettextized software): Fix typo.
2000-11-23 drepperFix typo.
2000-11-18 drepper(Tools for Compilation): Update documentation for GCC...
2000-11-16 drepper(Program Arguments): Fix type of main's envp parameter.
2000-11-10 drepper(Running make install): Recommend to set LANGUAGE=C...
2000-11-09 drepper(Supported Configurations): Move non-ELF Arm targets...
2000-11-03 drepper(Configuring and compiling): Document --enable-kernel...
2000-11-02 drepper(Local Namespace Concepts): Don't mention what permissi...
2000-11-02 drepper(Rounding): Correct description of fesetround return...
2000-11-02 drepper(Hooks for Malloc): Fix `caller' arg docs to agree...
2000-10-30 drepperCorrect description if VISIT values.
2000-10-28 drepper(File Position Primitive): Fiy typo.
2000-10-26 drepper(Translation with gettext): Remove paragraph
2000-10-26 drepperFix spelling of __GCONV_FULL_OUTPUT.
2000-10-15 drepperUpdate printf extension documentation after z became...
2000-10-09 drepper(nextafter): Document that y is returned if x == y.
2000-09-30 drepperCorrect notations, reference to C90 amd 1, and some...
2000-09-28 drepper(Error Codes): Update text for ENXIO.
2000-09-27 drepper(Extended Char Intro): Mention __STDC_ISO_10646__ in...
2000-09-26 drepper(Temporary Files): Add more security warnings.
2000-09-20 aj(Allocation): Sample code correction.
2000-09-19 aj(Supported Configurations): Add s390-linux.
2000-09-09 aj (Advanced gettext functions): Fix typo.
2000-09-08 drepperDocument readdir64 and readdir64_r.
2000-09-05 ajNew upstream versions.
2000-09-04 drepper(General Numeric): Update information about grouping...
2000-08-25 aj(Control Functions): Clarify possible arguments. Close...
2000-08-20 drepper(BSD Random): Document setstate failing.
2000-08-17 drepper(feholdexcept): Returns 0 on success.
2000-08-09 aj (Tools for Compilation): Document required
2000-08-08 drepperMention dynamically allocated arrays as putenv argument...
2000-08-02 drepperCorrect error messages. Test pclose return value.
2000-07-24 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Document order in which parsers...
2000-07-05 drepper(Installation): Update information about
2000-06-22 drepperDocument S_TYPEISMQ, S_TYPEISSEM, and S_TYPEISSHM.
2000-06-01 drepper(Aligned Memory Blocks): Document posix_memalign.
2000-06-01 drepper(Memory Allocation): Remove invalid character from...
2000-06-01 drepperAdd missing argument for @itemize.
2000-06-01 drepperAdd missing argument for @itemize.
2000-06-01 drepper(Heap Consistency Checking): Document limitation of...
2000-05-28 drepper(Other iconv Implementations): Fix typo.
2000-05-28 drepper(Extended Char Intro): Fix typo (and -> as).
2000-05-28 drepper(Rounding Functions): Fix documentation of trunc.
2000-05-25 drepper(FP Function Optimizations): Document gcc -ffast-math...
2000-05-23 aj2000-05-15 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-21 drepperFix references.
2000-05-21 drepperDocument memory handling functions.
2000-05-21 drepperDocument timespec and friends.
2000-05-21 drepperRemove const from second parameter of iconv.
2000-05-18 aj * manual/arith.texi (Parsing of Integers): Fix typo.
2000-05-17 aj2000-05-17 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-17 aj2000-05-17 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-07 drepperDocument POSIX scheduling functions.
2000-05-04 drepperDocument syscall function.
2000-05-04 drepperFix reference.
2000-05-04 drepperFix reference.
2000-05-04 drepper(Program Basics): Change section title.
2000-05-04 drepperNew node "Charset conversion in gettext".
2000-05-04 drepperRemove @w from @itemize.
2000-04-30 drepperDocument getdomainname, setdomainname and sysctl.
2000-04-30 drepperDocument stty and gtty.
2000-04-30 drepperFix typo.
2000-04-28 drepperDocument {,u}int*_t types, and strto{i,u}max.
2000-04-28 drepperDocument strcasestr, strchrnul, strtoimax, strtoumax...
2000-04-24 drepperFix references.
2000-04-24 drepperChapter for documentation of syslog family of functions.
2000-04-24 drepper(chapters): Add syslog.
2000-04-22 drepperInclude <unistd.h>.
2000-04-22 drepper(mount_opts): Add missing terminating entry.
2000-04-22 drepperDocument timelocal, timegm, adjtimex, and stime.
2000-04-22 drepperFix typo.
2000-04-21 drepperGive advise about handling error when using stream...
2000-04-21 drepper(Running make install): Don't mention utmpd anymore.
2000-04-18 aj2000-04-18 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-04-18 drepper(Mount/Unmount/Remount): Document that umount2 is not...
2000-04-18 drepperDocument mount, umount, and umount2.
2000-04-18 drepperChange reference from System Information to System...
2000-04-18 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Clarify arg_index situation a...
2000-04-18 drepperDocument resource handling and querying functions.
2000-04-18 drepperMove section on resources to resource.texi.
2000-04-18 drepperAdjust back reference.
2000-04-18 drepper(chapters): Add resource.
2000-04-15 drepper(XPG Functions): Document utmpxname, getutmp, and getutmpx.
2000-04-15 drepperDescribe index parameter of argp_parse. Fix typo.
2000-03-29 aj2000-03-29 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-03-26 drepperRemove references to crypt add-on.
2000-03-24 roland(Interface Naming): Fix typo: IFNAMSIZE -> IFNAMSIZ
2000-03-22 drepper(Hook Functions): Correct prototypes for reader and...
2000-03-22 drepper(Basic Signal Handling): Fix typos.
2000-03-22 drepper(Running a Command): Rephrase a bit.
2000-03-22 drepper(Converting a Character): Fix typos.
2000-03-20 drepper(Calling Glob): Update description of gl_pathc.
2000-03-17 drepperMAKEINFO is set to `:' from configure if it doesn't...
2000-03-15 drepperFix typo typo in plural gettext example.